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No man is poor who can do without a dinner, or rich who can get one every day.
Self-reliance and industry are always respected, as well as economy in general.

Benjamin Franklin was a famous inventor, politician, and writer. He is one of the most important figures in American history. Here are some funny quotes from him. Read more in detail here: ben franklin funny quotes.

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Note from the editor: Benjamin Franklin was one of history’s most quotable figures. “God assists those who help themselves,” and “Early to bed, early to wake, makes a man healthy, rich, and intelligent,” are two of his renowned quotes. However, his large corpus of work has many amazing nuggets of sagacity that aren’t often recognized. I’ve put together a list of some of my favorite, lesser-known gems of old Ben’s wisdom below. I hope you find it entertaining.

“If a sound body and a sound mind, which is to say health and virtue, are to be preferred above all other considerations, ought not men, in choosing a business for themselves or their children, to refuse those that are unwholesome for the body, and such as make a man too dependent, too much obliged to please others, and too much subjected to their humors in order to be recommended and get a livelihood, to refuse those that are unwholesome for the body, and such as make a man

“There are enough actual ills in life; it is foolishness to torment ourselves with fictitious ones; the real ones will come in due time.”

“After all, marriage is man’s natural condition.” A bachelor isn’t the same as a full-fledged human being. He’s like the mismatched half of a pair of scissors that hasn’t yet met its partner and hence isn’t even half as helpful as the pair as a whole.”

“No one can take a man’s pocketbook away from him if he empties it into his skull.” “An investment in knowledge yields the highest return.”

“If you want to be satisfied, look backward at people who have less than you, not ahead at those who have more.” You don’t deserve to be happy if this doesn’t make you happy.”

“Worship of God is a responsibility; listening and reading sermons may be beneficial; but if folks rest in hearing and praying, as too many do, it is as if a tree should value itself in being watered and sending out leaves, despite the fact that it has never produced any fruit.”

“Eat for your own pleasure, but dress for the pleasure of others.”

“I would urge you to read with a pen in hand, and scribble in a little book tiny suggestions of what you find interesting or beneficial, as this will be the most effective means of imprinting such particulars in your mind.”

Ben Benjamin Franklin quote virtue is sufficient.

“Glass, china, and reputation are all readily broken and seldom repaired.”

“When you feel like getting new clothing, go through your old ones and see if you can stretch them out for another year by cleaning, repairing, or even patching if required.” Remember, a patch on your coat and money in your pocket is preferable than a writ on your back and no money to remove it.”

“Hope and faith may be more solidly founded on charity than faith and hope upon charity.”

“We do not have control over our views; they are shaped and influenced in large part by circumstances that are often as unexplained as they are compelling.”


“A guy who speaks but does not act is like a weedy garden.”

“The skill of accumulating wealth is mostly based on frugality. Although not all men are equally competent to get wealth, it is within everyone’s capacity to cultivate this virtue.”

“He who is known to pay on time and precisely as he promises, may raise all the money his friends can give at any time and on any occasion.” This comes in handy on sometimes.”

“The ancients teach us what is best, but we must learn what is fittest from the moderns.”

“In my view, a man’s most little behaviors, as well as the tiniest traits and lineaments of his face, provide a decent observer some idea of his thoughts.”

“A youthful old guy will remain a young old man.”

“Sparks of truth are struck forth by the clash of diverse feelings, and political illumination is attained.” The numerous groups that now separate us all have the same goal in mind: the public welfare; the variations are solely in the methods of achieving it.”

“A brilliant talker may not be a fool, but he is someone who trusts him.”

Ben Benjamin Branklin quote character of a doer.

“If you are diligent in your work, you will gain knowledge. You will be wealthy if you are hardworking and thrifty. You will be healthy if you are sober and moderate. You will be pleased if you are generally virtuous.”

“Dread to do wrong, and you’ll never have to fear anything else.”

“I agree to this Constitution, with all its flaws — if they are flaws; — because I believe a general government is necessary for us, and there is no form of government that can be a blessing to the people, if well administered; and I believe further, that this is likely to be well administered for a course of years, and can only end in despotism, as other forms have done before it, when the people become so corrupted as to require despotic government, (Speech given during the 1787 Constitutional Convention)

“When friends glorify their friends, it is natural for them to draw comparisons and denigrate the attributes of others.”

“Write things worth reading, or do things worth writing, if you don’t want to be forgotten as soon as you’re dead and rotting.”

“There are two ways to be happy: we may either reduce our demands or increase our resources; either will suffice, and the outcome will be the same; and it is up to each individual to decide for himself, and do whichever is easiest.” It will be more difficult to augment your means if you are idle, unwell, or destitute, regardless of how difficult it is to reduce your demands. It may be simpler to increase your means rather than reduce your demands if you are busy and rich, young, or in excellent health. But if you’re smart, you’ll do both at the same time, whether you’re young or old, wealthy or poor, sick or healthy; and if you’re intelligent, you’ll do both in a manner that contributes to society’s overall pleasure.”


“One bad habit plucked out each year may, over time, turn the worst guy into a decent one.”

“Others study learning to make themselves notable; others chase riches; some want to be deemed clever; and some are just concerned with making the most of a lovely person; but what is wit, wealth, form, or learning when compared with virtue?” True, we like the gorgeous, admire the intelligent, and fear the wealthy and strong; but we also idolize and adore the good.”

“Having lived a long time, I’ve had numerous occasions of being forced to modify my ideas, even on important matters, due to greater knowledge or more thorough examination,” says the author.

“Finding wit in others is more important than demonstrating a lot of it yourself in conversation.” He who leaves your company happy with his own wit and cunning is the one who will return the earliest.”

Ben Benjamin Franklin quote good example is best sermon.

“The best way to be safe is to never be secure.”

“Being prepared for battle is the best way to ensure peace.” The supine, secure, and negligent are in far less risk of being assaulted than those who are on their watch and look ready to meet their opponents.”

“Happiness consists more in minor conveniences or pleasures that occur on a daily basis than in large pieces of good fortune that come only seldom in a man’s life.”

“It is said that the Persians had public schools in which virtue was taught as a liberal art or science in their ancient constitution; and it is certainly of more consequence to a man, that he has learned to govern his passions in the face of temptations,… than to be a master of all the arts and sciences in the world beside.”

“A brother may or may not be a friend, but a brother is always a friend.”

“Men are subjected to a variety of hardships just because they lack a tiny amount of bravery, which is a trait that is essential in everyday life as well as in war. How many indiscretions do we endure every day with tremendous dread because we lack the confidence to declare our dislike?”

“That kind of wit, which insolently criticizes and condemns the words and attitudes of others’ talk, is total stupidity, since it serves none of the objectives of discussion.”

“I feel that long-term moral practices have a discernible influence on the face.”

“I’ve never seen an often-removed tree, much alone an often-removed family, throve as well as those who settled be.”

“Be up at peek of day when there’s so much to accomplish for yourself, your family, and your country!” Let the sun not glance down and exclaim, ‘Inglorious here he lays!’

Ben Benjamin Franklin quote idleness swallows virtues.

“It is clear that God has often called persons to positions of dignity and honor while they were engaged in the honest pursuit of their vocation. When Saul was summoned to the throne, he was looking for his father’s asses, while David was tending to his father’s sheep. When the shepherds received their magnificent epiphany, they were grazing their sheep.”


“Do something worth remembering if you don’t want to be forgotten.”

“To expect people to be good, just, temperate, etc., without showing them how to become so, appears to be the ineffective charity mentioned by the apostle, which consisted of saying to the hungry, cold, and naked, “Be fed, be warmed, be clothed,” without showing them how to get food, fire, or clothing.”

“Would you want to live comfortably, doing what you should rather than what you want?”

“Man and woman have traits and temperaments that the other lacks, and which, when combined, contribute to the common good.”

“When I’m helping people, I don’t think of myself as bestowing favors; rather, I think of myself as repaying obligations.” I’ve gotten a great deal of generosity from folks to whom I’ll never be able to repay in any way, and many mercies from God, who is incomparably above benefiting from our efforts. Those kindnesses from mankind I can only return on their fellow-men, and I can only express my thanks for God’s gifts by being willing to assist His other children.”

“A well-filled small house, a well-tilled little field, and a well-willed little woman are vast wealth.”

“It is widely recognized that risking the loss of a friend for the loss of a joke is foolish. However, few people think how quickly a buddy might be lost in this manner. Jesters take more liberties with friends than they would with others, depending on how highly their friends respect them. They have no idea how much more deeply we are hurt by an offense from someone we love.”

“Like a theatrical performance, life should not only be carried out with regularity, but it should also end gloriously.”

Ben Benjamin Franklin quote virtuous people are capable of freedom.



The “benjamin franklin quotes tell me and i forget” is a quote from Benjamin Franklin. The quote is about how he would always remember the past, but would forget what happened in the future.

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