Beginner’s Guide to Smoking a Pipe

Whether you’re a pipe aficionado or just looking to try something new, this is the perfect time of year to pick up a pipe. A lot has changed since tobacco was first rolled into paper and lit with fire more than 400 years ago – we’ll get into some modern-day twists on traditional smoking paraphernalia below, but here’s what is probably the most important question: What are my options?

The “beginner pipe smoking kit” is a tool that beginners should use in order to smoke their first pipe. The kit includes everything needed for a beginner, including pipe cleaners and tobacco.

Vintage young man's portrait with a hat and overcoat while smoking pipe in his hand.

Jason Mills, an AoM reader, contributed this guest article.

When I was little, I recall paying a visit to my best buddy. It was nice to get together and go on adventures as lads do, but there was one thing in particular that I adored: his father. His father was an elderly farmer, as seen by the weathered creases on his face and calloused hands. He was soft-spoken and enjoyed puffing on his pipe. This information piqued my interest as a young lad since my father was a non-smoker. I’d watch him lighting up his pipe and smoking it contentedly. He always smelled like pipe tobacco (Sir Walter Raleigh), and I think of him anytime I smell that brand.

Maybe your grandfather was like my friend’s father. Maybe you saw him smoking his pipe in peace and liked the masculine aroma as much as I did. Perhaps you’ve never met a guy who smoked a pipe and have no idea what I’m talking about. It doesn’t matter which way you look at it, pipe smoking is a male pastime.

Why? Pipe smoking, on the other hand, is as much a ritual as it is a form of relaxation. When you load the tobacco into the bowl exactly perfectly, you receive a sense of accomplishment. Then there was the whoosh of the match and that delightful, delicious fragrance. You’ve got the makings of a wonderful evening if you smoke a pipe while sipping one of your favorite drinks (maybe an Old Fashioned or a Martini) in the coziness of your favorite recliner.

Man lying on sofa while smiling and smoking pipe in his hand.

There’s a pipe. Check. Man chair. Take a look at the sports section, and you’ve got yourself a fantastic evening planned.

Men smoking pipes in their mouths are often seen in films from the 1930s and 1940s. Men of all hues smoke pipes in films like The Quiet Man, Goodbye Mr. Chips, and even It’s a Wonderful Life. Men who smoke a pipe today are participating in a macho rite that dates back to the beginning of time and has remained unbroken to this day. Convinced? Let’s get this party started.

The Essentials

Since this is a beginner’s guide, I don’t want you to waste your money on something you may not like. As a result, I’ve supplied a list of the essential goods you’ll need to get started. I spent $12 for everything when I first began smoking a pipe, but pricing may vary depending on where you live. What you’ll need is the following:

  • It’s a pipe. Starting with a corn cob pipe is a good idea. Yeah, I know it sounds corny (no pun intended), but they’re inexpensive (mine was $4), and if you don’t enjoy smoking a pipe, you can easily throw it away with a few dollars out of your wallet.
  • Tamper/tool for bending pipes. Although not strictly essential, this aids in the packaging of tobacco. Mine was a $3 tamper/cleaner combination.
  • a set of pipe cleaners Obviously, after you’re done, you’ll need to clean your pipe. Most tobacconists would happily give you a few for free.
  • Matches made of wood or a pipe lighter
  • Tobacco. This is when a skilled tobacconist comes in handy. Tobacco is available in a wide range of tastes and intensities. Starting with a mixed taste is a good idea. Almost Heaven, a vanilla-flavored tobacco, is the one I began with. For roughly $5, my tobacconist sold me a 3 ounce sample packet.

You may begin after you have all of these.


What is the Best Way to Smoke a Pipe?

“I feel that pipe smoking aids in the development of a level of calm and objectivity in all human issues.” Albert Einstein once said, “There is no such thing as a good idea.”

To begin with, smoking a pipe is a relaxing pastime. I suggest devoting at least 20 minutes to this project. One of the reasons pipe smoking is so delightful is because of this. It allows you to take some time to relax. Make one of the 5 Classic Cocktails Every Man Should Know again, grab your pipe and tobacco, and relax on the porch for the evening. You’re finally ready to get started.

1. Fill your pipe’s bowl with water. This is the most hardest stage to perfect, yet it has a significant impact on the remainder of your smoke. Tobacco should be loosely packed into the bowl and softly pressed down with the tamper. The dish should now be half-filled from the bottom to the top. Fill the bowl to the brim with water and pack it down even tighter. Your dish should now be around 3/4 filled. Fill the bowl with additional tobacco and firmly push it down. Between the top of the bowl and the tobacco, there should be a little gap.

2. Take a test draw with the pipe in your mouth. It’s too tight if air can’t readily travel through the tobacco. Remove it and try again if this is the case. You’re ready to ignite if your test draw is satisfactory.

3. Use a wooden match or a pipe lighter to light your pipe. Because wooden matches are less expensive, I suggest them. Pipe lighters are designed exclusively for tobacco pipes and do not affect the flavor. To remove the sulphur from a match, strike it and let it burn for a few seconds. Then, while taking gradual pulls from the pipe, slide the match in a circular motion over the tobacco’s surface. Carry on in this manner until the tobacco is evenly ignited. You’re still not quite there until it’s lighted. Simply put, this is “false light.” Allow it to burn out, then relight it in the same manner. This is the “real light,” and you’re ready to smoke after it’s evenly lighted. It is recommended that you do not breathe the smoke into your lungs. Cigarette smoking is not the same as pipe smoking. This tobacco is a little stronger and mostly used for taste.

4. When smoking your pipe, take it slow. This is a marathon, not a 50-yard race, so take it slowly and steadily. If you puff too fast, you’ll experience “tongue bite,” which is a burning feeling on your tongue. Definitely not what you’re looking for. It’s OK if your pipe goes out twice or three times throughout your smoke. Remember to relax and enjoy yourself. If you have a visitor, your pipe may run out more often while you converse! Take in the aroma of the tobacco.

It’s as simple as that. You may purchase the more costly pipes and tobaccos if you love your first and future smoking. Who knows, maybe there will be another article about pipe and tobacco kinds in the future.


Other Suggestions

  • If the pipe begins to “gurgle,” there is too much moisture in the pipe stem. Simply remove the pipe from your mouth and use a pipe cleaner to remove the moisture for a second or two. To avoid this from occurring, try to keep your mouth as dry as possible.
  • Allow the pipe to cool down on your palm before relighting it. It might change the flavor of the tobacco if it burns too hot.
  • Allow the pipe to cool once you’ve done smoking before cleaning it.

Editor’s note: If you’re interested by the notion of pipe smoking but don’t want to use tobacco for a number of reasons, you may want to try an e-pipe. E-pipes are tobacco-free electronic pipes that emit a vapor-like smoke. You may adjust the amount of nicotine in the vapor from a high to a low level. It’s not the same as smoking a pipe, but it’s an intriguing alternative.



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The “pipe smoking for beginners uk” is a beginner’s guide to smoking a pipe. The article includes detailed instructions on how to smoke a pipe and what the best type of pipe to use is.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you smoke a pipe for the first time?

A: This is a highly personal question and the answer will vary depending on who you are asking.

Whats a good beginner pipe?

A: A good beginner pipe is one that will not break your bank and has a nice, medium-sized bowl for you to pack.

Is it OK to smoke a pipe once a week?

A: Yes, you should smoke a pipe once a week.

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