Is it getting too hot in there or is your air conditioner working harder than it has to? Does your AC make that cracking, humming noise? The answer is simple! It is hotter inside than it is out. Take a few minutes, relax and follow these steps to cool your home down…

Turn off your air conditioning unit. It is known that running your air conditioner in the summertime can actually cause the temperature inside your home to rise. Although most ACs are equipped with a mechanism to shut down when needed, some models may not be able to shut down all the way. If you have an older model that needs to be used on a regular basis, it is probably best to call a professional. It would be especially worse to have to use your AC while it is running so close to the temperature you will have to turn it down!

Open up any windows. After you have relieved yourself of your AC, it is time to get a load of fresh air into your home! Open up any windows that have good circulation to get the fresh air flowing to your feet. This is great for your body as well as your AC. The warmth from the sun warms your body naturally without the additional ac heat! A side benefit to opening up the windows is the increased room temperature if it happens to be a very warm day outside.

Turn up your thermostat. This step is almost a must if you want to cool down your AC. Lowering the thermostat by just a couple of degrees can drop the temperature of your AC by several degrees. If you are using a stand alone air conditioner, be sure to set it for a cool setting, which means the air conditioner has to work much harder to cool you down!

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Get rid of drafts. Heat rises and if you have an air conditioner, drafts are a problem. The longer the summertime days are, the more drafty the AC is. The air conditioner compressor fan takes all the work out of conditioning the air. When this is combined with high temperatures outside, the air conditioner compressor does not function at it’s best.

Cut back on the usage of fans. Fans cool the air by circulating it through the cooler coils. Increasing the number of fans also increases the cooling load placed on the AC compressor so it is advised to cut back or even stop the usage of fans while the air conditioner is in use.

Use fans in conjunction with a heating source. Heat pumps operate both by sucking in the hot air and releasing it cold. The process is similar to the evaporative cooling that occurs naturally when standing in the shade on a hot sunny day. The difference is the power source!

Turn off the heating system. There is no need to stay in a room that is unbearably warm. Remember, heat rises so when the air is cold it is not good for your body. When the temperature is uncomfortably warm, the heat is robbing your body of essential nutrients that are necessary for your body to function properly. The key is to get the air to a comfortable temperature outside in the summer and back to room temperature in the winter!

Use a dehumidifier to reduce the humidity. This will eliminate the moisture in the air that is causing the temperature to rise. Of course, you would not want to run the risk of having mold build up. Dehumidifiers are also wonderful for keeping furniture from smelling so strongly after being exposed to the weather. Again, it is uncomplicated to add to your existing HVAC system to offset the lack of fans or to replace some that may be broken.

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Air conditioners can be repaired or replaced. They are not all that hard to troubleshoot and most do not require any specialized expertise. Just follow the simple steps and tips found here. If the problem cannot be resolved, consider getting an AC contractor. A professional can usually come in and make arrangements to fix what you have without charging additional money!

Beat the Heat Without AC is an excellent DVD that explains a lot of useful things in a short period of time. There is a lot of history in the heating industry and this program goes into great detail regarding some of the most important topics out there. You will need to purchase this DVD but it is well worth the cost. The price is reasonable and worth the information. Beat the Heat Without AC is definitely a must-see DVD!

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