Be a Better Man in 30 Days

The 30-day challenge is a program designed to help men improve their physical and mental health. The challenges include 7 “health habits” that must be maintained for 3 months in order to reap the benefits of this lifestyle change. These habits are simple, like replacing sugary drinks with water or stopping smoking cold turkey, but if followed consistently can have lasting effects on your overall wellness..

30 days to a better man pdf” is a book that will help you become the person you want to be. It gives you 30 days of exercises and tasks that will help improve your life.

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The Art of Manliness published a series of blogs called “30 Days to a Better Man” in June 2009. Every day, we gave Art of Manliness readers a job to accomplish that would help them improve in several aspects of their life, including relationships, fitness and health, profession, and personal finances.

We also had a thriving Better Man Community Group, where people shared their progress on the assignment and offered advice and support to other participants. Overall, I was pleased with the effort and believe that many guys benefited from it.

We’ve put up a summary of the month’s responsibilities below, along with links to each each day. This list will assist you navigate through each day’s assignments if you began the challenge late or are a new reader.

In addition, on the advice of a few readers, I’m working on turning this series into a polished PDF eBook. That way, you’ll have all of your chores in one location and they’ll be simple to see. You may even print it off to read on the John if you choose.

Thank you to everyone who took part!

Day One: Establish Your Core Values

Day 2: Polish Your Sneakers

Day 3: Look for a Mentor

Day 4: Boost Your Testosterone Levels

Day 5: Make Gratitude a Habit

Day 6: Revise Your Curriculum Vitae

Reconnect with an Old Friend on Day 7

Day 8: Begin Keeping a Journal

Day 9: Go on a Date with a Woman

Day ten: Memorize the phrase “If”

Day 11: Perform a testicular examination on yourself

12th Day: Make a Bucket List

Day 13: Get Rid of the Stuff in Your Life

Day 14: Write a Father’s Day Letter

Make a Meal on Day 15

Day 16: Make a Financial Plan

Talk to 3 Strangers on Day 17

Find Your N.U.Ts on Day 18

Day 19: Make an appointment for a physical examination.

Day 20: Serve others

21st Day: Compose Your Own Eulogy

Day 22: Take Care of Your Posture

Day 23: Pick up a new manual skill

Day 24: Have fun!

Day 25: Begin a Debt Reduction Strategy

Take the Marine Corps Fitness Test on Day 26.

Day 27: Begin Writing a Book

Write a Love Letter on Day 28

Day 29: Overcome a Fear

Day 30: Shave with a straight razor



The “empowered man 30 day challenge review” is a guide that will help you become a better man. It includes workouts and tips to be more fit, stronger, healthier and happier in 30 days.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I be a better man in 30 days?

A: You can start by doing 10 push ups a day. The most important things in life are the people we love and respect our job, so you should try to do your best on both fronts as well.

How can I make myself a better man?

A: In order to become a better man, you should first identify what is it that you want. If your goal is self-improvement and personal development then the best way to do so would be by reading books such as Think And Grow Rich or The Power of Self Hypnosis.

How do I become a better man in art of manliness?

A: There are many ways you can become a better man in the art of manliness. One way is to read and follow articles on, another is to find friends who share your interests and activities, while still following what they say or doing it yourself if its easier that way.

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