COPID-19 survival tips for arts organizations can be viewed in two ways: as guidelines or as a list of dire warning signs. As a guideline, the organization should prepare for disasters such as floods, fires, earthquakes and even nuclear meltdowns. Such disasters may be worse than imagined and, unless prepared for, can wipe out years of hard work in the arts. The list of dire warning signs on the other hand may be more realistic, since they were caused by human error.

If you are a member of a small arts organization, then you should already be familiar with the survival tips given below. However, if you are a board of directors of an organization larger than ten members, you should already have some idea of what to do. Still, it would be better to be well prepared now rather than be sorry later. And if you have a small organization, all you need is a simple plan. This simple plan can be used as a template for future planning and can serve as a core guide for your entire organization.

The first thing that needs to be listed is the current listing of vacancies within the organization. This should also include the details about each vacancy. The vacant positions should be highlighted with the target audience and the kind of skills required for the post.

Other information such as skills, qualifications, experience and areas of specialization should also be included in the CV/resume. It is important to note that a resume should not only be focused on technical achievements. It is equally important to draw the appropriate attention to personal qualities such as leadership abilities, interpersonal skills, team orientation and communication skills. Arts organizations should also list all the details of academic qualifications, awards and recognitions received. For executives, the list of awards received should include the top prize, the name of the institute and the citation received.

Another important survival tip for arts organizations is to consider the length of the stay for the vacant post. A long term vacancy might not be appropriate for smaller organizations where growth is expected. Long terms are always in demand when it comes to recruitment. If the vacant post for arts management opens in a big organization, the person may be required to stay for at least one year. This may not seem like a big deal for a creative person who only wants a quick growth opportunity, but a long term commitment can have adverse effect on the person’s professional life.

It is advisable to make a detailed list of every detail before you contact the organization. This will give you a fair idea of their requirements and enable you to prepare a suitable curriculum vitae. It is also advisable to send the CV in separately even if you have sent it as a group. You may have to include different information for different members of the organization to whom the post has to be sent.

Before contacting a co art gallery, it is better to prepare a professional CV that highlights your talent, expertise and experience. Include all projects completed, projects that have been postponed or cancelled and the details of the people who were assigned the project. You should also mention the exact dates of the projects so that they are able to make their decision promptly. If possible, you should mention your educational qualifications too so that they are able to understand that you have done a course in your relevant field. Remember to include your projects that won awards and accolades so that the person is able to understand how hard you worked to achieve them.

It is advised to use contacts within the organization to obtain information about open positions. They will be able to give valuable information that will help you in making a suitable selection. Survival tips for arts organizations may seem to be very general, but they are very much applicable to a situation where survival is at stake. The most important thing is to look out for information and to get in touch with people who can help you out in this endeavor.

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