Ark: Survival Evolved is a massively multiplayer online role-playing video game (mmorpg) in which you play as one of many survivors who have escaped an airplane crash. While exploring the unfamiliar wilderness, you’ll encounter a variety of quests and battles to take place on. In this regard, Ark features a top-down perspective camera angle similar to that seen in the old arcade game “Droid.” Although the camera angle can be changed, in my opinion, it takes away from the game’s realism. I prefer playing Ark with the mouse instead.

As far as quests and battles go, there are several types to do and quite a few that should be avoided if possible. The first, and easiest, quest to complete in Ark is to kill all the dinosaurs that spawn around your location. While this does cause a significant amount of quest traffic, you’ll be doing it very quickly and you won’t need much gold or experience to start working on it. Killing these dinosaurs enriches your character and allows you to level up faster than other characters. At the same time, however, the goal of most Ark players is to kill as many creatures as possible and rack up the most points for the various trophies or achievements the game will award you.

Although killing the usual creatures found on the map will grant you XP, most Ark players find themselves better served by earning more money and leveling up their characters. This is where tips and tricks came in. You want to earn as much money as possible while also earning the most levels and artifacts possible.

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The trick to earning as much money as possible is to kill as many animals as possible. The creatures in Ark are highly resilient and can take a lot of damage before succumbing. If you’re able to take down an animal while it’s relatively healthy, you’ll likely score a quick kill. After you’ve killed the creature, you should loot its body and obtain the meat that provides the most health.

Some players like the ability to ride their creatures. Using this ability allows them to move faster while they have their animals attack the slower prey. However, this strategy is only recommended if you’re playing on an Ark server that has multiple animals. When attacking a creature, make sure to move slowly and carefully. The goal is to immobilize your prey so that you can kill it without taking excessive damage. Ark players who use this tactic often find themselves at an advantage.

The next tip is to collect as much Motes as you can. The more of these you have, the more powerful they can be. Motes are used to make ark decorations. When you’re looking for a Mote, look for animals that are aggressive or that are heavily damaged. When you find one of these animals, they can easily be trapped and used to craft decorations.

For those who are just starting to play Ark: Survival Evolved, there are several guides available to teach you how to get started. These guides can be found in several different locations as well. Most of them are available for free and provide a great deal of information. As you progress through the levels of the game, you’ll need to be able to get some Ark Motes to help you with your survival.

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In order to do well in Ark: Survival Evolved, you have to get your hands on as many Ark creatures as you can. It’s also important to build up your animal shelter so that your creatures will have a safe place to live. If you follow these tips, you’ll be able to survive the wild longer and enjoy the game more. Good luck!

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