Ark: Survival Evolved is an upcoming action-adventure, open-world survival video game based from the successful PlayStation Move motion controller-based game series. The game is designed for multiple player interaction and can be played with up to four people at a time. The game was newly launched across all Sony platforms on the day of the release of the PlayStation 4. It received widespread critical acclaim upon its release.

Ark: Survival Evolved features the return of the “combat” gameplay that made the original games so popular, but in a new vertical perspective. Players take on the role of an adventurer who has come ashore on an alien planet searching for medical aid and a way to fight off creatures that want to eat him. The player can boost his or her ability through a variety of abilities gained throughout the game by finding and using various artifacts found throughout the environment. Each piece has a specific purpose and is useful in different situations, but players must learn to use each part carefully and wisely, as the life on the planet is at risk if they use them incorrectly.

The player finds a mysterious alien device in the center of the island that acts like a brain implant, which allows him to hack into the center’s computer network and download data. This data gives him access to an alternate reality where he sees a technologically advanced planet that is under attack by an unknown enemy. This enemy uses robotic creatures called “Paradigm Shredders” to attack and wipe out any human population. The story is like that of the book Advanced Alien, only in space and it helps you understand why this species is so threatening.

On his mission, the player must also find help by searching throughout the islands for survivors of the Paradigm Shredders attack. Each character on the Ark looks and behaves differently, but players quickly become comfortable with each character due to their distinct traits and skills. Newcomers to the franchise should start off by focusing on just one character to make the transition easier. The campaign will be more enjoyable when players explore the different paths of each character.

This first mission is set in a large, posh city like the one seen in the novel. A few streets over, a group of alien survivors meet and are attacked by Paradigm Shredders. One of the alien survivors tries to kill the lone survivor, but he manages to shoot down the alien. The survivor manages to flee to a nearby island, where a doctor attempts to save his life. However, he soon learns that he has no chance of survival without the PS4 Ark.

Since there are a variety of missions available, each one requiring the player to complete a level, the game never gets tiresome or boring. Rather, it’s a complete and thrilling action-packed game that gamers can enjoy from start to finish. Weapons, vehicles and each character’s skills can all be customized to give the game a unique feel. All in all, the player is left with a great sense of satisfaction after playing this game.

There are some minor differences in the characters of the Ark compared to previous games. The protagonist, for instance, now has an apartment and has a dog to protect him. The enemies have been revamped as well, now having a better look and acting. However, the real highlight of the game is the multiplayer mode, which is simply amazing. The action is fast-paced and the graphics are jaw-dropping.

If you loved the Ark series, you’ll love this one. If you’re new to the series, you’ll probably have a blast playing it like you did the first time around. Overall, it’s a must buy for any Xbox fan who wants to experience the next-generation graphics offered by the company. It’s a definite must-have title for those who own the PS4!

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