Are You Ready to Be Called a Domestic Terrorist?

The inauguration on the 20th. January went well and we have a new American president, Joe Biden. This is a fact that many still struggle with. Some continue to worry, awaiting the declaration of martial law or the start of violent action promised by a dubious rumor that has gone crazy on the Internet. My fear is that if these people and many others in the broader Patriot movement don’t use their heads, you and I could be labeled domestic terrorists in the near future.

I don’t seriously believe that a significant portion of the people involved in the events of 6. In January, a crowd of protesters stormed the Capitol building and are, in effect, terrorists. I think despite the unfortunate deaths that occurred, the demonstration was far less violent and less destructive than most of the George Floyd riots. But this is clearly not the opinion of those shaping the story.

The media is more than willing to portray the Capitol protesters and, united, all those who voted for Trump as criminals at best and domestic terrorists at worst. Almost all the articles I’ve read have described this demonstration as a violent coup attempt, and I see no such thing in the events of the day.

Merriam Webster defines a coup as follows:

Definition of a coup

  • the sudden and decisive use of violence in politics
  • in particular: the violent overthrow or change of an existing government by a small group
  • a military coup by a dictator.

I’ll even include a screenshot here in case they decide to change the definition of the word later.

The protests, which began on the 6th. January outside of Capitol Hill don’t meet the definition of a coup because they don’t:

  • It was not a sudden and decisive use of force. (the key word here is decisive)
  • There has never been an attempt to overthrow the government. Trump was still president then, and no one tried to kick him out.
  • The military was not at all involved in this use of force.
  • There was no plan to overthrow the current government (coup).

Are the protests out of control? Yeah, I guess so. I’d rather the crowd stay out ten times as long, pay tribute to our representatives and demand to be heard instead of breaking windows.

However, the actions of the protesters on Capitol Hill still pale in comparison to the length and ferocity of the George Floyd protests in Minneapolis (which began in May and continue) or the protests in Portland, which also continue, or the Seattle Chop Autonomous Area, which was eventually shut down due to a wave of nighttime violence in four neighborhoods, including four shootings and several alleged sexual assaults.

The demonstration on Capitol Hill was more severely criticized from all sides because it was held in the nation’s capital? It may be the driving force behind editorial outrage and the vitality of social media, but a violent protest is a violent protest, no matter who the victim is.

I don’t think burning businesses in a neighborhood is any less destructive or violent than breaking the windows of a government building. A demonstration that lasts 5 months is not the same as a demonstration that lasts 5 hours. The reason a man protests does not give him any more moral right to destroy property than anyone else. They’re both wrong. However, the two are not comparable.

The protests have ended and arrests have been made. Those who break the law are punished, and that is what our civil society, based on the rule of law, does in times like these. The protests have become increasingly violent and destructive over the years for many social reasons. The methods of dealing with these protests have also changed. If they start referring to the demonstrations as executions of domestic terrorists, we should be careful.

Definition of domestic terrorists and risks to preparers

The FBI defines domestic terrorism as follows:

Violent criminal acts committed by individuals and/or groups to achieve ideological goals arising from domestic, religious, social, racial or environmental influences.

By this definition, the George Floyd (all) demonstrations, Antifa, BLM, and the protesters on Capitol Hill are examples of terrorism and/or national groups. This puts them in good company with animal rights activists, environmentalists, anarchists, white supremacists and neo-Nazi groups. What does it matter if you never attend demonstrations, break windows or do anything criminal?

It makes a difference when the dialogue begins to develop in different ways. One of the things the notorious preppers appreciate is preparing for martial law and gun confiscation. Over the years I have written numerous articles on both subjects. The first thing I see is the simplest. The second is still possible, but much more difficult. You just have to find the right crisis for both events.

We’ve talked about possible wars or EMP events that could put our nation out of business, but we may have missed the most important one. What if we get all that anger to do this at the protests? What if our uncharitable rhetoric on social media and increased protest activity forces the government to act? What if we have a national emergency?

National Defense Preparedness Act

The government has already developed plans and set up systems to limit freedoms across the country. Section 201 of Decree 13603 gives each Cabinet absolute control over the progress of national defense with respect to the following:

  • Secretary of Agriculture for all food sources, food supply facilities, livestock resources, veterinary resources, crop protection resources, and internal distribution of farm equipment and commercial fertilizers ;
  • Minister of Energy with respect to all forms of energy;
  • To the Minister of Health and Human Services for all health care resources;
  • Minister of Transportation with respect to all forms of civil transportation ;
  • the Minister of Defence for all water resources
  • Secretary of Commerce for all other materials, services, and facilities, including construction materials.

Decree 13603 contains no provisions relating to respect for the Constitution or the protection of civil liberties. All it takes is a national emergency to get those wheels in motion.  As a nation we have long been in a permanent and renewable pre-9/11 state of emergency, and only recently, on the 13th, did Trump call it an emergency. March 2020, was extended for the COWID 19 pandemic.

They have the ability to throw us all into a totalitarian regime now. All they need is an excuse. Could it be the new protests? Could it be a false flag attack intended to be the next new Pearl Harbor, forcing us as a nation to accept further losses of freedom to protect our nation from a new threat? If the government has total control over all food, water, transportation and jobs – how long will you and your family have to go to a FEMA security camp where the price of admission is giving up your guns?

I can easily imagine hypothetical scenarios from all sides, but I don’t want to overthrow anyone and put us under pressure sooner than expected.

Lowering of the eave

The rhetoric of recent years must stop. Ideally, we should be able to have civil conflicts without violence and still shake hands at the end. If you’ve been down rabbit holes with the Qanon conspiracy, think about what you learned in a minute. All the drops that were claimed turned out to be fake. Who do you think benefits from so many people believing these stories?

The conservative side of the political football used to react more moderately. Even the FBI once stated that far-right groups generally engage in activities protected by the constitutional guarantees of freedom of speech and assembly. Translation – they’re generally not too arrogant.

This is in contrast to the leftist groups who generally professed a revolutionary socialist doctrine and saw themselves as defenders of the people against the dehumanizing effects of capitalism and imperialism. They seek change in the United States and believe that change can be achieved through revolution rather than an established political process.

I think both sides are now equally comfortable talking about revolution and making plans to implement it. I have already said that we should stop wishing for a revolution, because that is what it takes to declare a state of emergency and martial law. It may be unavoidable at this point, but I try to avoid it.

There is no need to give the government clear reasons for exercising more control over our lives. It can happen either way, and when it does, we must be prepared to act accordingly. Maybe one day we’ll look at our situation and decide it’s time to do something different. Now is not the time.

If you can’t wait to make a difference, the first place we can make a difference is at the local level. If there are issues you are concerned about, bring them to the council in a respectful manner. Talk to your state representative and state your case. Really vote in every election! This allows you to make more changes that have a direct impact on your life.

Don’t watch Canon’s videos every day. Don’t go out and join the militia, and don’t listen to the guy who tells you to bomb something. Leave the looting and the threat of revolution to someone else. Stop fighting, breaking things and burning things when you’re upset. There is plenty of time to act and possibly die later when the time comes. For now, I want to preserve my country as much as possible and try to fight for the best ideals I think it still has to represent.

Who’s on my side?