The recession and the economic downturn are forcing many retailers to re-evaluate their business strategies. No doubt, Amazon is here: six survival tips for retailers. But this does not mean you have to immediately re-evaluate your business practices or jump on the Amazon bandwagon.

First of all, you should consider what led you to put up your own business in the first place. If you had to go back to school for several years just to get a degree, why did you do it? If your answer is, because it is profitable – that is good! Then start looking at your past and current income sources. There must have been something that made you really want to be self employed or that made you so passionate about your chosen career that you decided to go back to school.

Second, consider how much time you will need to spend per day to keep your Amazon fulfillment center running smoothly. Remember, if Amazon is here, it means there will be plenty of buyers for your products. Therefore, you should focus on setting aside enough time each day to properly stock and deliver orders and to perform other related tasks.

Third, keep in mind that Amazon is here to stay. You cannot change consumer behavior overnight. In fact, this may cause consumers to think that you are just another out-of-date retailer trying to ride on Amazon’s coattails. Therefore, do not fall victim to old ideas about how online retailing should work. The good news is that Amazon has made it clear that their goal is to elevate retailing to an art form, instead of just another way of making money.

Fourth, remember that you cannot buy success. You must learn how to work for it, by creating processes and systems that lead to success. You should learn from others’ mistakes and follow the lessons learned. Amazon is a great place to find tips for six survival tips for retailers.

Fifth, do not believe the myth that price equals profitability. Yes, Amazon makes a lot of money, but it is not necessarily at a level where a large corporation can buy unlimited profits. The profitability of an online retail outlet depends upon many factors. It should be noted that Amazon itself is a company in its own right and has been investing heavily in its business for some time. In short: don’t think of Amazon as a pure business, because it probably isn’t one.

Sixth, consider the impact of Amazon on your local community. While Amazon is a huge boon to the global economy, there are some aspects of their operation that could have an impact on your community. For example: Amazon’s headquarters are in the town of North Vancouver in Washington State. That is the largest city in Washington State, and many people in and around that area commute every day to work at Amazon. So: while Amazon is great for business in general, it may not be so good for your community in particular.

Seventh, as with any type of business, you must treat Amazon with the respect it deserves. There is no reason to take advantage of the benefits they offer, and there is no reason to engage in activities that will damage your reputation or your goodwill. If you do those things, Amazon will report your actions to the appropriate authorities. Amazon is here: six survival tips for retailers.

Eight, if you want to get ahead, you’ve got to be better than the rest. This isn’t just another book on marketing or another series of articles on sales techniques. You need to understand how the retail market works, and you need to work your way from the bottom up. It may sound difficult, but it can be done. Amazon is here: six survival tips for retailers.

ninth, Amazon offers so many resources to help you succeed. In fact, part of what makes Amazon so compelling is the depth and breadth of resources available to customers and retailers alike. A retailer can get advice from Amazon’s customer service experts, they can get advice from the book and audio publishers, they can get information from other retailers, and they can obtain marketing advice from everywhere. Which means: If you want to be #1, you’ve got to go the extra mile.

Amazon is here: six survival tips for retailers. Take advantage of all the tools, tips, and information that’s out there. Don’t just think you know what you do – take action. There are literally millions of people who use Amazon, and many of them have already seen the light.

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