The first four paragraphs of this article are my Alone For the Holidays: Empty Nest Survival Tips. There’s no holiday quite like the lonely time you spend with your family, so I hope these tips will help to make that time more bearable. Many people don’t have a choice but to be left alone during the holidays. Whether it is for health reasons or financial reasons (as many families can’t afford to spend much on gifts have to wait until after the holidays), having someone else around can make every moment of the season better.

Being alone without a care in the world is very scary. When I was growing up, I dreaded school. All I wanted was to be left alone to read, write, and study. Now, I can’t imagine going into a classroom on Christmas day. That thought alone makes me tremble.

What can you do to make your lonely time more bearable? Listen to your loved ones. Everyone has their own ideas about what they would like to do alone. Some like to get all dressed up and go dancing, some like to cook, and others like to just sit around, cuddled up with a drink. Do what you enjoy, just know that you will be getting out of it alone. You will also have more time to prepare things for your loved ones.

Do not eat or drink when you are alone. Yes, it’s true that you probably have a sweet tooth and it’s hard to avoid having a drink while you’re alone, but you have to make sure you take your drink with you when you’re out. Even a sip of coffee will do. You don’t want to bring the alcohol back to you before you’ve had a chance to sober up.

Avoid caffeine-loaded foods. Caffeine really doesn’t help you out when you’re alone without any company. Instead, sip on cold water and nibble on nuts. Nuts are good because they fill you up without adding too much fat. Nuts are also healthy because they have protein. Protein is essential for maintaining a healthy body.

Don’t over-indulge when you’re alone for the holidays. There’s nothing worse than feeling bloated and full after a night of eating. Eat in moderation. Also, watch what you eat. Nothing can replace healthy, nutritious foods. Just eat real, fresh food instead of out-of-date holiday fare.

Stay off the couch. If you’ve been invited over for the holidays, and you have nowhere else to go, make sure you take the stairs. Don’t lay on the couch. If you have to lay there, at least make sure you have pillows to prop yourself up on. You’ll be much happier if you have a few extra pillows.

Join a neighborhood or church social group. There’s nothing better than connecting with others during the holidays. Look for groups that cater to those who aren’t able to be alone. For example, elderly homeowners might enjoy being a member of a senior women’s group. If you have a hard time making friends, this could be an excellent option for you.

Plan a trip out of town. If you live far from your family, plan a trip out of town. This way you can spend time with your extended family. It doesn’t have to be anything big, just get away to a place where you can meet people and have fun.

Watch a movie alone. Some people find it hard to be alone. However, a movie is a great escape. Find a good holiday movie to watch that won’t strain your brain too much.

Join a local charity. There’s nothing better than helping out during the holidays. If you can’t afford to go out and buy gifts, consider volunteering at a local charity organization. You’ll be doing a lot for charity when you are alone this holiday season.

As you can see, there are quite a few tips for surviving alone this holiday season. It’s important not to worry about whether you will have enough food or clean clothes. Don’t worry about if you’ll be able to make it home on time. The most important thing to do is just relax and enjoy the holiday. When you’re all together and having fun, you’ll forget about the fact that you’re alone.

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