My friend Charmaine got very serious when she told me she was sharing a survival guide on her death bed. She asked me, “What should I include in this Survival Guide on dying?” I gave her a thoughtful look and said, “You should probably include at least two sections.” We both looked at each other and she responded, “I can’t fit one more into this Survival Guide to die!” (It’s not like I can’t stand to read more about dying.)

She passed away last week and shared with me that she had put the guide in three piles of paper. One folder was labeled “I saved one”. The other two folders were labeled “I forgot one” and “I didn’t save one”. She looked at me with those big blue eyes and said, “Where are the rest of my guides?” I handed her one of the survival folders and she frowned. She looked at the cover and saw one more folder, but this time it had a rubber band around it.

The cover read “If I Die This Time, Read This Survival Guide on Dying First!” I asked her if she wanted to take it out and explained she was looking for a survival guide on dying first. She hesitantly handed it to me and I placed the plastic protective covering over it and opened it to read the words. She was holding a book of the same name and looked up at me with those big bright eyes, “This is so helpful!”

She looked at me with those large, inquiring eyes again and repeated, “Thank you.” I wrapped up the Survival Guide and placed it back onto the shelf. I sat down and thought about what she had shared with me. I realized that one of the keys to surviving any predicament or life situation lies within our mind. It is where the true power is generated and it is so simple to allow that power to slip away.

If we think too much, then we are overwhelmed by negative thoughts. These can manifest in many ways such as anxiety, fear and depression. Our emotions will cloud our thinking and prevent us from seeing the reality. Think, “Rise above the clouds. You have nothing to fear.” This thought is so powerful that it will cause your mind to fly away from the clouds.

After I had read her guide, I felt empowered. I felt excited about my future and that I wanted to make it happen. I am a very contented person and I do not believe that I am here today because I will die tomorrow. I am here today because I chose to be and have decided to work hard and I want a future with my family.

I want to share this with all who are still searching for their life’s purpose. The survival guide that I shared with is the key to unlocking your inner power. By using your mind, you will be able to unlock your mind, which will enable you to create positive change in your life. Once you have changed your beliefs, you will begin to experience many miracles that will help you grow as a person.

It takes courage to change one’s life but with the survival guide I shared with you, your courage will be tested. But when you have overcome the trials, you will realize that you have what it takes to achieve the goals that you have set for yourself. As one person said, “I made up my mind and I am going to be different than most people. I am an optimist and I know I can do anything I set my mind to.” She shared with me that when she looked at herself in the mirror, she realized that she had more in her than what others around her believed.

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