This is a good post considering that the Trans-Siberian Railway is one of the longest and largest railway networks in the world. It connects two countries, Russia and Europe. It runs through many countries including the United States, China, Japan and many more. In order to survive on this train, there are several survival tips that you can follow.

The first thing you should do is to avoid crowds. Crowded conditions mean that you should be extra careful. As soon as you get on the train, walk to the far ends and hope no-one got onto the platform before you. In case someone did get onto the platform, you need to get away from the platform quickly so that it does not cause an accident.

You should also plan your route a few days in advance. Knowing your destination is necessary in order to avoid any last minute problems when travelling on the Trans-Siberian Railway. If possible, it is better to travel during weekdays as the traffic is lesser on weekends. Avoid travelling during popular festivals. Traveling during the cold winter months will add to the temperature of the air and will make travelling difficult for you. During these months, the temperature can be quite cold even in the middle of summer.

When travelling, it is important to ensure that you wear comfortable clothes. Do not wear anything that is too thin or that is very tight. Ensure that your shoes provide you with comfort while you are walking for long distances. Wear sunscreen whenever you go outside. As the sun can be very hot, you can either choose to leave the house early or wear sunscreen that can be applied on your skin.

A Trans-Siberian Railway crossing is different from a conventional railway crossing. As a rule, the warning signs are not present at these crossings. However, if you approach the barrier, there will be a sign informing you that a crossing has been closed due to accidents or traffic jams. This means that you should keep a good distance from the barrier and remain patient until the barrier has opened completely. Wait for the road to clear and cross the railway crossing when the traffic has cleared.

Crossing railings at stations of the Trans-Siberian Railway is different from the normal railway crossing. For one, the concrete slab that forms the border of the crossing is sloped towards the approaching train. As a result, you should be ready to stop abruptly when the train comes to a sudden stop. The concrete slabs are sloped slightly in order to create a gentle slope for vehicles to pass through. If you do not know how to cross the railway crossing, you must walk along the edge of the sidewalk as the concrete slabs have a sharp edge.

At the time of crossing, it is important to be alert for pedestrians. Some Trans-Siberian Railway trains are equipped with pedestrian gates that close as the train approaches the crossing. However, some of the rails are just wide enough for an adult to pass through. For this reason, you should never hesitate to initiate communication with pedestrians who are crossing the railings. Inform them to keep on walking and inform the railway crew if they need any help.

The structure at the edge of the crossing is not stable and could collapse anytime. It is therefore advised to keep to the left or right hand side of the railings. When crossing the railway crossing barriers, you should keep to the track as wheelchairs are not allowed. The main aim of the barriers at the crossing is to prevent pedestrians from crossing the tracks and trespassing.

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