A Manly Lunch Bag

Did you know that the US military has a $5 trillion budget? With the launch of “A Manly Lunch Bag” this summer, WARFRAME is on track to provide an inherently more manly option for lunch.

The “mens designer lunch bag” is a stylish and masculine lunch bag. The design is modern with a touch of class, making it perfect for any man who wants to look good on the go.

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“What’s a macho manner to carry a lunch?” is a question I’ve been asked countless times.

Of course, a guy may carry his lunch in whatever manner he wants. However, I see the need in this case. Guys want something reusable that isn’t made of cheesy-looking plastic and made in China.

A traditional choice, if a bit awkward, is a large metal construction worker lunchbox.

The Artifact Bag Co.’s No. 215 bag, on the other hand, is ideal. It’s constructed of waxed canvas with copper rivets and has a leather strap to shut it. The bag costs $65.00, but it’s handcrafted in Omaha, Nebraska, and you’ll recoup the cost after a lifetime of not using wasteful paper bags.

Check out the Artifact Bag Co.’s No. 215 bag. Khaki and olive colors are available.

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The “lunch boxes for adults” is a lunch bag that has been designed to be durable and able to hold up to 2 liters of food.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do men take their lunch in?

A: In the United States, men take their lunch in a paper bag.

What is a good lunch cooler?

A: A lunch cooler is a bag that you keep your food and other snacks in. They come with compartments to separate different types of foods, or they can be very simple single compartment bags.

What makes a good lunch bag?

A: The lunch bag I like to pack my food in is a reusable cloth sack. Its easy for me to warm up and not get soggy.
I typically put it over the top of my take-out container so that it can be easily removed without making a mess or getting dirty from sitting on the ground!

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