A camping survival guide for non-campers is very similar to a standard camping manual. They are basically two-pages of information, generally consisting of two pages, one for the basic camping tips and procedures, and the second for the important safety and emergency procedures to follow. These books can be useful for those who love camping, but who do not want to make extensive preparations in case of an emergency. Some of the information found in these guides are also the same that would be provided by first responders, fire departments, and emergency medical services. These books provide some of the necessary information for campers to have in order to have fun and stay safe while camping.

First Aid is perhaps the most important topic to cover in a comprehensive camping manual. Most people think of common illnesses and injuries when they think of camping. In reality, though, many serious accidents may occur at any time, even on a camp site, which makes first aid a must-know topic for everyone. Injuries caused by falls, exposure to the sun, cold temperatures, and other hazards should be immediately bandaged and wrapped with waterproof bandages. Some minor wounds or scrapes requiring first aid treatment might require only antibacterial ointment or some simple bandage, but it is best to call for help as soon as possible.

Next, read up on the proper procedures for bathing and dressing wounds. Use commercially available products that contain ingredients that are safe to use, without harming or damaging any part of the body. First aid kits should include bandages, adhesive tapes, tweezers, sterile cotton balls, tweezers, safety pins, safety scissors, tweezers, pain medications, pain reliever medication, and in some cases antiseptic liquid. If you feel threatened or there is no way for you to properly deal with a problem, carry the appropriate first aid items with you.

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Do not leave children unattended in the woods. While you should ensure that your children have toys to occupy them during the day, you should also ensure their safety at night. Since children are naturally curious about things around them, ensure that they know where the closest emergency rescue or medical facility is located. Also, take along a friend or family member who can act as a lookout. A camp guide is ideal for this purpose, especially one that has an extensive knowledge of local flora and fauna, and whose opinions are invaluable.

You should never eat or drink all the food and water that you have brought with you on your camping trip. To save yourself from dehydration, make sure you have access to a clean water supply, whether you bring a water purification system with you or use an attached one. Carry an adequate supply of food and drinks with you as well.

When it comes to first aid, it’s important to have some basic knowledge. Always carry a number of bandages, adhesive tapes, cotton balls, tweezers, painkillers, disinfectants and other medicines. Some doctors also recommend carrying anti-inflammatory medicines. If you experience sunburn, try to apply sunscreen to prevent the painful affects.

If you become sick, do not waste any time. Contact a campground physician or a professional medical staff from the local hospital to help you out. While hospitals may be a ways away, you can at least consult one doctor before leaving the campground. In case of severe sunburn, a lot of campgrounds offer sunblock and other products to help ease the pain. Bring along extra clothes and change clothes as necessary. A camping survival guide for non-campers will tell you what clothes to bring and what to wear.

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If you become ill and need to stay at the campground, make sure you inform the staff. They should let you know where to go for help. Also, bring along your own first aid kit in case the campground cannot provide one. The most important thing is to have a good attitude. A campground is only a place to rest for a few nights, so enjoy yourself at all times.

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