Each year, there are numerous reported road accidents that end in fatalities and serious physical injuries. This is due to a variety of reasons, ranging from simple driving errors to dangerous road conditions. However, one of the biggest contributors to these road mishaps is the negligent or reckless behavior of the driver. Being a responsible driver requires you to pay attention to details and make sure that you are not distracted by other things while driving. Here are a few road accident survival tips that can help you minimize the negative consequences if you are ever involved in one of these accidents.

Always be aware of your surroundings. Driving while talking on your cell phone, using GPS devices or otherwise being distracted can prove deadly. If you become distracted, always make sure that you are able to regain your concentration before it is too late. Stay alert at all times and drive defensively.

Avoid excessive speed. Speeding is a known accident killer. When traveling on the road, take care of the following speeding regulations. There are laws that govern the speed that you can drive, so make sure you abide by them.

Avoid road surfaces with debris or snow. These can prove fatal in an accident. If you need to travel on a slippery road, make sure you are able to maneuver smoothly and avoid any accidents. Make sure you are able to avoid obstacles as well, such as large potholes or damaged pavement.

Avoid heavy vehicles. Whenever possible, drive on smooth surfaces. Heavy vehicles tend to skid unpredictably, and it is easy for them to become trapped in snow or debris. Take extra care when driving on roads with this type of equipment.

Don’t drink and drive. Some people may think that drinking alcohol is a joking matter, but the truth is that it is very dangerous to drive while intoxicated. Even if you are not drunk, drinking too much can cause you to lose control of your vehicle. Studies have shown that many road accidents occur due to distracted drivers who are drunk. Driving while intoxicated also increases the risk of accidents for other drivers, as well as the possibility of causing more serious injury or death to others. If you have any doubts about whether you should drive after consuming alcohol, consult a professional law enforcement agent before taking any tests.

Avoid roadwork. Unless you’re in a repair shop or someplace where your car will be thoroughly inspected before being driven on, avoid work zones and any traffic jams. Driving through a traffic jam can lead to an accident because traffic tends to move in different ways than usual, making it difficult to judge distances. Also, when in a hurry to get somewhere, it can be easy to make poor decisions and end up in a dangerous accident.

Don’t follow too closely with another vehicle. Whenever possible, avoid pulling out beside another car, since pulling out too close could cause an accident. When driving on the road, always follow the rules of the road and drive as safely as possible. While these tips are very important, they are only a guideline.

Don’t drink and drive. Although this may seem like a logical thing to do, some people actually drink and drive because they feel that they can be more “funny” if they get a buzz from drinking. Others do so because they believe that driving while drunk is less hazardous than driving drunk. Whichever reason motivates you, avoid doing this under any circumstances. The consequences can be real, especially in more populated areas like New York City, where one drunk driving case can result in several lives.

Do what you can to avoid road accidents. Some simple precautions, such as following the rules of the road, avoiding heavy traffic, and wearing your seatbelt, can reduce the chance that you will get into an accident. In case of an emergency, call a designated drivers (if available) to take you to the hospital. Be prepared to answer any questions that the police may have and give them the information about the road you are traveling on, the roads and drivers around you, and any other information that will help them determine the cause of the accident.

Avoid taking risks, no matter how great or small. Driving can be an extremely dangerous activity, even if you are just commuting between stations. If you are going to take risks, make sure you know the consequences beforehand. Any time you are involved in a road accident, no matter who was at fault, the insurance company of the driver at fault is going to hold you responsible. The best way to avoid being responsible for a road accident is to obey the rules of the road and remain as alert as possible.

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