Don’t make the mistake of assuming that all riot situations are the same. When it comes to preparing for a riot you need to have various methods in case you come into contact with one. Not all riots are premeditated acts of violence against property. There are cases where looters break into banks and stores and inflict damage.

When dealing with a riot, you should also know what to do in case of injuries. One of the first things to do after being sprayed by a canister of tear gas is to find an appropriate place to stay. The best place to start is your home. In case you have nowhere else to go, then tents and other covered facilities are available at many public and private facilities, especially if you are from a particularly poor neighborhood.

If you have had bad experiences in the area, try to stay away from those places. Do not go near anything that emits a strong odor. Do not participate in any activities that may cause you physical injury. Do not pick up anything that seems to be junk – this may be all that is left of someone who was killed during an attack. You can also try to keep your hair tied back in a ponytail if you do not want to get stuck in the scum.

It is also very important to stay cool. Try to relax and don’t get stressed out. Have a thick jacket that you can wear, preferably with reflective strips that will let you see under the heavy rain. Don’t wear anything too tight, as this would also make you prone to irritation. Remember that clothes will get wet and possibly ripped, so you may want to leave your shirt on if possible.

As much as possible, stay out of the way of the fighting, and let the injured escape. Try to use your body to protect others, by shielding them with your body or your belongings. If you see an opportunity to escape, do so. Try to get into the group of other survivors who have nowhere to go. Covering someone’s mouth with your jacket or t-shirt can be extremely helpful in such a situation.

It may be dangerous to drink when you are close to a riot. However, if you see people getting hurt badly or even dying, you should try to help them out, even if you just have to go through the mess to get there. Take pictures and videos of the aftermath of the riot grout clean-up, as these can help you later if you decide to complain or seek compensation. You may also wish to inform police about what happened, as they often patrol areas after a riot.

Keep the injured warm, and light colored clothing is best at times like this. Light colored clothes will help you blend into the crowd easily. It is also wise to stay hydrated, as being dehydrated will make you targets for the other survivors. Do not be afraid to use the rest of your food supply to buy food for the homeless. There may also be schools or businesses left without electricity that you can help.

Save your money, as there will probably be plenty of looters around during a riot. looters are opportunistic, and they will take what they want. Even when there are no more rioters around, looters tend to think that it is okay to steal from a store if there are supplies inside. Do not become a victim, take simple precautions and tips from a survival guide, and always keep yourself, and your family safe. Do not give up – these are the reasons why survival manuals were created in the first place.

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