“8 Tips for starting The Survivalists” is a how-to eBook by Jay Taylor. It’s full of survivalist techniques that can save your life and the lives of others. Taylor, who is an active member of several survivalist groups, provides some good advice on what to consider before making a move toward emergency preparedness. I’ve seen some of the material on his website. It’s solid stuff.

There are many ways to survive during a disaster, but only a few ways to truly thrive. A survivalist is not out to make a quick buck, he’s out to help others. Taylor’s eBook provides good tips on how to be a part of a community that shares the same values. It’s not enough to read this and not become a survivalist. You must practice what you learn. That’s why you’re reading this.

The first thing you may notice is that this book isn’t really about survival. At least, not entirely. While there are several recommendations about what to do in specific situations, the bulk of the book is about being “ready” for anything. Taylor is saying, “be ready.” With that in mind, you’ll find that you’re not only being prepared for emergencies, but for all kinds of contingencies.

The reason this book is different from other disaster recovery books is the focus on “being prepared.” Taylor includes lots of helpful information on how to be prepared in general, too, but the emphasis is on being prepared specifically. By reading this book, you’ll gain an overall understanding of preparedness that will help you when the time comes. In particular, the sections on water purification and food storage are aimed at people who are preparing for disasters in those areas where supplies might be limited.

One of the things this book stresses is being safe. No matter how prepared you are, if you’re not protected, nothing helps. Taylor emphasizes the importance of always carrying a first aid kit (or knowing how to use one), so that you can have access to them if the need arises. He also stresses the importance of staying well-informed about your own health, so that if the worst happens, you know what to do. For example, he writes, “All humans should have an emergency physician’s phone number in their phone’s… Anybody over the age of 16 years should have a personal emergency kit with all the necessary medicines and supplies.”

The 8 Tips for starting The Survivalists is meant to be a quick read, with lots of valuable information. Taylor includes a lot of great advice on how to be prepared and he gives detailed instructions on what items you should take along on your trip, where you should go and when. But the book really is more of a general guide. It doesn’t tell you exactly how to prepare for every eventuality, and it doesn’t contain a list of the supplies you should carry on any given trip. But it does make a good general plan and outline the ways you should be prepared.

So in essence, this is more of a “basics” survivalist manual rather than a “what do you do in case of disaster” book. However, it does make a good overall plan, and it has practical information that will help you even if you’re just “goofing off.” For example, if you’re going hiking in the woods, Taylor recommends bringing a first aid kit. You should also take a GPS with you. Other useful survivalist tools include insect repellant, a camera, a first aid kit, a mirror, a compass, flashlights, candles or lanterns, a portable stove, a pocket blanket, sleeping bags and a portable toilet or shower.

The fact is, preparing for any disaster or emergency requires a lot of preparation. And this book provides just the basic information needed for being prepared. There’s no need to become a survivalist unless you want to be, and even then, preparedness should be a main priority. For those who are simply going on a camping or hiking trip, it’s a good foundation for your preparedness.

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