Eight things to avoid when bugging out are obvious but often forgotten. First, always use common sense and good judgment. Think about what might be causing you to become the victim of theft or vandalism. Secondly, use common sense on your cell phone, PDA, iPod and other electronic devices as well. Third, avoid leaving your home or office without using your identity, money and credit cards. Fourth, keep your personal, work-related and household information and data safe from theft or prying eyes.

Fifth, keep in mind that some laws are in place that may require you to inform the proper authorities about any break ins or burglaries that you may have reported. Sixth, do not hand over your phone’s pin number (or any other identifying information) to anyone, especially if they do not belong to the police. Seventh, if you believe your purse or wallet may be stolen, write down the pin number and your name. Finally, if you are ever victim of a break in or theft, immediately contact your phone’s security provider and notify them of the incident.

You may feel tempted to “loot” anything that looks valuable just because you’re worried about the loss. Be very careful of this and don’t use this as an excuse to steal. Also, never try to force your way into another person’s residence or car. If they resist, leave in a less threatening way. If you can’t get in, call the police and have them respond to the scene.

Also, some things to avoid when bugging out are the same things that you would use when going for a jog or walking around your neighborhood. You shouldn’t use your cell phone to make a call unless you absolutely have to. Also, if you go on a walk and find a nice shaded area, listen to the birds and insects around you. It may also help to walk slowly and quietly. You will never know when a criminal is going to pop out from hiding and strike you there.

You should also keep your personal items as secure as you can. This includes not carrying valuables in your purse. You may also want to leave them in a place like your car trunk. If you have to lock your doors when you leave your home, use padlocks. Don’t hand over your keys to anyone, even to a trusted relative.

It may also be wise to check with your employer before leaving for a trip. Some companies may have policies about what can and cannot be taken. Others may not allow pets. If this is the case, you may want to discuss it first with your supervisor before moving your belongings. You don’t want to get caught with your pants down.

Other things to avoid when bugging out include wearing scented perfume, Cologne or aftershave. You don’t want anyone smelling you. If you do need to wear these perfumes, make sure they’re perfume free.

It may also be smart to avoid traveling during the hot summer months. Be sure to pack some sun block. Wear light clothing and make sure you shampoo off any soap residue from your hands. These steps will help keep bugs away and make sure that you can leave your home without thinking about being bitten.

Make sure you have bug spray on hand. You never know when you’ll be visiting places like restaurants and hotels where bugs may be common. If you can, when you arrive, turn the furniture over or even the beds upside down to get the bugs off of them. You can also spray your vehicle. There’s nothing worse than getting out of bed only to find a live bug in your car.

Other things to avoid when bugging out are carrying an extra pair of clothes, perfume or aftershave, and bug sprays. Carry your own bug spray. Don’t bring the kids. Letting young children into the garden area can lead to disaster if you’re not careful.

If you plan on leaving the house, remember that you may need to get help with the bug problem. Leaving alone may result in a serious lack of pest control. If you have a yard, try to set up some kind of protection to keep the bugs away. This way you will make sure that bugging won’t be a problem when you do leave.

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