Moving to China is definitely not an easy task. It requires you to have a lot of courage and confidence. This is because you are away from your family and friends – your usual safety nets of support in your old life. This is also because you have to make some tough decisions that will affect you, and people close to you, in a big way. But here are some moving tips for newbies to help ease the transition.

– Be organized. This is especially true if you plan to live in an apartment or a traditional house. Know your bills, debts, and your responsibilities in terms of work and household chores. Have all your documents, memorize them and keep them where they are easy to find.

– Learn Chinese. Don’t think you can learn Chinese in a week by reading a few books or watching a few videos. You need to study it, and it’s easier to learn when you can hear and see it too. You can start by getting free tutorial sites like Chinese Yale, or China Town. Then join one of their groups to get advice and practice everyday.

– Practice Mandarin. Learning Mandarin is one way to communicate with the majority of the Chinese population. It is considered as one of the most important skills to master. You can either learn online, through classes, or by hiring someone to teach you. There are also plenty of free courses and demo programs available online. If you don’t want to spend much, you can just get a free book on Mandarin or visit a library and borrow some books or articles about the language.

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– Get yourself familiarized with their food, cooking techniques and Chinese cultures. Knowing these little but essential details will give you the guts to try out their cuisine. And this is the first thing newbies should learn since their first interactions with the locals. You can easily find local restaurants, Chinese bakeries, bazaars and fruit and vegetable shops where you can get the latest recipes.

– Learn how to speak Chinese. This may sound stupid but don’t underestimate its importance. At least get a good Chinese tutor who can show you how to converse in Chinese. Or better yet, you can learn by yourself at home. You can use audio tapes, or video tutorials. However, using a tutor is more effective especially if he or she is Chinese.

– Start a business. Newbies are usually excited to make money. But before you rush into things, you have to prepare yourself first. Try registering at an online school to get acquainted with the language, and perhaps take some classes as well. Take note, these schools charge some fees; so look for those that are for free.

– Learn how to cook Chinese food. Don’t be intimidated by all the cooking shows on TV. What’s important is that you know how to prepare basic dishes. Once you get used to it, then you will find that cooking is actually not that difficult.

– Learn to speak Chinese. In fact, it is one of the fastest ways to communicate with people from other countries. However, learning Mandarin takes a lot of effort. That’s why it is advised that you ask a friend to help you out until you are ready. You can also do so through local universities or organizations.

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– Study Chinese movies. There are a lot of Chinese film festivals, which are shown throughout the country. Find out what is happening in your city. Watch them better understand the culture and the language.

– Travel to China. China has Asia’s biggest economy. Thus, a lot of trade is done there. Aside from that, the countrywide market is huge. So if you are skillful in marketing, then you might earn more than you expected.

– Know the necessities. China has a diverse countrywide culture, so every person there has different needs. So, when you enter the country, be prepared to learn the language and the necessities of the people there. Be one step ahead of the competition.

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