Today we have many options available for application development and deployment. Most of them have the same features and this can make the selection confusing for an application development company or SaaS business. While selecting a software application development company, you need to check the kind of technology used, the cost involved and the technical expertise of the team. It is very important to select a team that has a proven track record for delivering software solutions that are useful to your business. Here are some basic points that you should consider while selecting an application development company for your SaaS business:

Functionality vs. Flexibility: Every SaaS application should be supporting a broad range of business requirements. The team should be flexible enough to help you expand the functionality of the software in the future without requiring any changes to the application. The highest quality applications have a tightly-knit set of tightly-integrated modules. This helps in better integration of data from the external sources. The software should be developed keeping this principle in mind. As a result, you will get a robust and well-defined functionality within the given time period.

Scalability: The ability of the team to scale up the software application with minimum hassle is very important. You should never let the team to work on a very specific piece of software and then leave it at that. Instead, you should leave the project in its initial stages and provide regular feedback. Also, allow them to add more functionalities and customize the software application whenever required. This will ensure that the application remains highly adaptable and scalable over time.

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Performance vs. User Experience: It is very important to understand the user’s experience with the application platform. This will help you determine the speed with which they can utilize the application. This will also help in understanding the customer satisfaction levels which can help you make quick product releases. In case of mobile application development, you should consider your end users and their specific requirements.

Documentation: The documentation should be rich and comprehensive. Do not forget to add screenshots of the application along with the steps to use in the application. Also, provide clear explanations. Detailed documentation helps users in using the application and also makes them feel more confident about the product. The documentation should be searchable and accessible at all times.

Updates: Keeping track of updates and releases of the software is very important. It is easy to release new versions of the application platform for free or at minimal costs. However, if the same application is used on multiple devices, it is essential to get the latest updates for each platform. Moreover, these updates to ensure that the application functions flawlessly on the target devices.

Live help: It is essential that you have live help for any technical issues. This will help you in troubleshooting and solving problems that you face while developing the application. The team members should be well trained and knowledgeable in the field. For instance, if you have problems related to XML security while developing the software, live help team should be able to provide you guidelines to solve the problem. Furthermore, you need to provide the developers with requirements, as they prepare the documentation according to the specifications provided by you.

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Test drives: You need to allow the application developers to test the application on real devices to ensure proper functioning. The testers should access the application from various places such as cell phones, tablets etc. It is also necessary to request for the actual device usage so that the app is used as per the actual requirements. The product documentation is not useful without the actual user experience. After the testing, you should re-launch the application and find out whether there are bugs left behind. If yes, you can go ahead and launch the software in the market.

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