How many school and k-pop shows can you go to in a week? What about a movie marathon? These are all things to consider, and now you have a date! When choosing what you want to watch, make sure to plan ahead and shop around. It’s easier to shop online for your movies, but there are other great resources as well. I’ll give you a few suggestions on some great websites that you can bookmark for later…

First of all, stop wasting money on crappy movies and trailers. I guarantee you’ll get more out of what you see at the local rental store, or even the video store, than you will at a movie house on cable. Make sure you have the latest releases, both old and new! It’s a shame to waste money on something that won’t hold up under the scrutiny of your own eyes!

Next, if you have a girl friend, have her help pick the movies up for you. I used to do this when I was a little girl, and it really helped with my decision process. Plus, you get a chance to hang out with her… which is always great! Don’t forget about DVD’s, as well. They never go out of style, and they come in handy for a few different situations.

As far as what you should be watching, it’s all the same as if you were watching it at home. All the big hits are on network television, with some surprises for those of you who haven’t caught up yet. For example, My Fair Lady just started its first season, so it’s a must see. And if you haven’t seen it, The Cable Guy (also from FX) is excellent too!

When you’re watching, make sure to pay close attention to the girl’s facial expressions and mannerisms. Notice if she looks confused or simply lost in thought. You want to know how she’s going to act before you start doing anything, don’t you? If a girl acts like a total ass, chances are, she’s not going to follow you around the room like a little puppy dog! Pay close attention to any girl’s facial expressions, and then start commenting on them.

What’s the key to being able to attract girls, anyway? Well, there are a lot of things you can do. One of them is to know your girl’s interests. An example of this is if she likes anime, tell her that she should watch an anime movie at home with you. It’ll make her smile, and she’ll be showing more interest in you.

Another thing is to dress well. Most girls like guys who take care of themselves. Girls also appreciate the fact that you’re trying to be cool. By wearing some cool clothes, you’re going to be instantly attractive to almost all k-pop idol fans.

One thing that really helps is to be a nice guy. This goes for during the date, as well. Don’t be something that she would consider a bad guy. You can be funny, but don’t act nasty. This will show your girl that you respect her and that you are a good guy in general.

Lastly, know her best friend. This is one thing that a lot of guys fail at. They don’t even think about this because they think that they should only date the girl that they’re attracted to. But the truth is, you need to know your girl’s best friend if you want to be with her. The girl might be your best friend, but she may also be your enemy, depending on what kind of personality she has. So it’s always better to take precautions.

So how should you approach this matter? Well, the best way is to ask your girl if she knows your girl friend. You see, asking directly means that you have to pretend to be someone you’re not, and this is something that she doesn’t like. So give her some clues, like knowing her favorite band or her pet dog. Or you could try to pretend that you’re her brother or mother.

Now that you know these seven survival tips to help you balance the K-pop and school, you can start trying to survive. As long as you remember these things, there’s no reason why you can’t survive. It’s all just about getting through the tough times. So take this advice and survive well!

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