Here are 7 survival tips for dealing with the Monday morning blues. First off, you must give yourself a small break from reality and stop listening to the radio. Yes, the ads keep saying that you have to be “on” or you’ll miss out on the best things in life.

You might want to go ahead and list those items on your daily to do list. That way, when you do decide to listen, it’s in writing. Yes, writing it down gives it more meaning and makes it easier to remember. When you’re done with it, you have something to look forward to each day. It will make your life a little less complicated.

Next, get out into the world. Your first stop should be your favorite restaurant. You can get comfort food and you’ll be back on track. If you like to party, you can always come home and watch some of your old favorite TV shows. All you need is a chair and a blanket and you can relax for hours.

A good exercise regime will keep you healthy and fit. One hour a day of brisk walking is good for your heart. You’ll also feel better because you’ve already been up and down the stairs several times. Don’t forget to stretch out your legs. Take time to walk around your neighborhood or through the mall.

Have a relaxing bath and shower, even if it’s just for a few minutes. After that, get ready for work. You can prepare yourself by taking deep slow breaths to calm yourself. When you think you’re about to panic, remind yourself that you’re on the inside. You know that you’re safe and sound.

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Watch your diet. Eat a meal rich in protein. Don’t overeat because this will make you feel hungry for a lot of foods. Eat more fruits and vegetables.

Get a big mug of coffee and have a big glass of milk to drink too. Coffee helps you wake up. It keeps you full for a long time. You should have plenty of energy to get through the rest of the day. Don’t let anything else distract you because it will just make you more nervous.

These are just a few survival tips for those of you who don’t have much time. They may not apply to you but they will give you a start. Start by writing down the things you hate about yourself so you can eliminate them. Tackle one at a time and be persistent. Soon you’ll be on your way to enjoying life again.

When you shower, don’t get shampoo all over yourself. You want to make sure you get a good night’s sleep. That is a must. Then get a bath. Don’t forget the moisturizer.

If you are drinking coffee, get it from a pot or a mug with a filter. It will taste better. If it is warm coffee, stir it some water and drink it hot. Hot coffee is often better for you.

If you are eating, eat your main course before you work on your desserts. You don’t have time to fry any fish. Try a baked potato or something along those lines. Just be sure that you stay away from dessert after lunch.

If you are reading this article, it means that you are trying to figure out how to survive the day. That is just fine. Be realistic. Try to be nice to people. They will be nicer to you.

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Then do something relaxing for an hour or two. Take a long walk, take a hot bath, do whatever relaxes you. Then you will start to feel better.

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