“PLANETARY IS GOOD!” booms out from the lips of every speaker I know. That’s what they say on their business cards, but what’s the true story? Can it really be true that if you’re born on the day of theotation, you’ll live a century? I can hear now the echoes of hundreds of satellites orbiting the Earth and thousands of wind particles whirling around at thousands of miles per second, trying to hold the world together.

But is it? Are all life forms created equal? Is there such a thing as a God-given destiny? Is there such a thing as a “higher power” or an All-powerful Creator who decides the fate of all earthly living things?

I can tell you this: There is! It is the Law of Universe One. The universe has set laws known as “laws of physics,” and everything that occurs is the outcome of these laws. Here’s a secret the top scientists don’t want you to know: All that which you presently think, believe, dream, desire, or plan will come to pass.

There are no outside forces controlling the laws of physics. Everything is controlled by laws established by the physical world we live in. This includes how you think, feel, act and live. How you think, act or live is the very fabric of your life experience, your very soul. If it was not “real” or “true” how would you ever know? You can go to any planet in the solar system and find there is life.

When thinking about such things as the future, I’m reminded of Carl Sagan’s famous quote: “We are living inside a machine, and that machine is constantly breaking down.” What that means is that everything is always in play. This goes for your emotions as well. So the very definition of a living thing is living in an “emotional realm.”

We all experience fear, even more so in the future. The good news is that fear, worry, anxiety, and nervousness are all just signs of what is to come. They are the natural result of what you have allowed to become your reality. Fear is a creation of the weakness of our human condition, and it is our ability to overcome our fears that will be our strength.

The most important thing to remember, however, is to always trust in your own abilities. Don’t let fear of failing or ridicule paralyze you. If it does you can look at it like a false reality, and that is when you will begin to truly achieve your dreams.

One of the most powerful survival tips for speakers in the current day and age is to know your audience. You want them to listen and engage with you, not just pass by without another thought. Speak to people who could use your advice and learn from their mistakes. Who knows, you may be able to help someone else? The point is to make a positive difference in the world, and you can do that by helping your audience.

Speaking in front of an audience is an amazing experience, but it’s also a bit terrifying. Sometimes you will be speaking to people with very strong emotions. Some of them may even be very angry or upset. You will need to handle these situations delicately. Make sure you give them time to calm down and hopefully understand your point.

Another tip is to always stay calm. Sometimes heated discussions will arise but don’t take offense. This is your speech, and you get to say whatever you want. The crowd will do their best to keep things civil, and even give you a microphone break if necessary. Just remain composed, don’t get emotional, and address the issue head on.

Don’t be afraid to challenge those who are present. This is the best way to get their attention and start a discussion about an issue they might be interested in. Don’t shy away from tough topics, such as controversial issues, or even political debate. It is also okay to mention social studies or current events in your speech.

And most importantly, be patient. Speak up! Don’t just disappear for the duration of the speech. If you have time, offer advice to the audience. If you can’t offer advice, be willing to answer questions that people might ask.

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