If you are a wife caught in a divorce and you want to survive it, then here are the 8 survival tips for living together during divorce. First, know your limits. Remember, you will have a bigger role to play in saving your marriage than your husband. He has his own life to lead and probably feels very alone in this. It is time you stepped up and became a full partner in the divorce battle!

Second, take stock of your emotional well being. This is key to surviving the divorce. There may be days that you feel so low that you cannot even enjoy living together. On those days, talk to a counselor or seek professional help to better evaluate where you are.

Third, avoid a fight. This is not an easy thing to do, but you have to do it if you want to survive. It may seem like an easy way out, but a fight will only make the situation worse. In the long run, it will only make you and your husband even more miserable, and it will be harder to get through the divorce.

Fourth, set some boundaries. This may mean that you can’t see your husband after the divorce, or you are allowed to contact your husband a few times a month. Regardless, setting some boundaries will keep you sane during this difficult period. Also, remember that you don’t have to always be available to your husband. When you can’t be there, make time for phone calls or email messages. This is just another way to save yourself when you need to talk.

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Fifth, start an exercise routine. Most women find themselves less able to move around after the birth of a child. Starting a fitness routine will help you be more mobile so you can survive living with your husband after the divorce. You may also find it helps you feel better about yourself. After all, you may be feeling older because of your divorce, but you can change that by getting some exercise.

Sixth, encourage your children to move on with their lives. While it is important for your children to have their own life, you should not advise your husband to move out of the house immediately. Children’s schedules may allow them to move on with their lives for a while after the divorce is final, and your husband may find a new partner. While you may have thought you could live together, encouraging your children to do so may make them resent you for pressuring them to leave home.

Seventh, try to enjoy being married. Many women who have gone through a divorce will tell you that the best part about the process was spending time with your spouse. You can’t help how that changes when you live together, and you may find yourself longing for that time in the future when you aren’t divorced. A good way to go about getting over your divorce is to start rebuilding your marriage as best as possible. You can do this by having regular dates with your husband, doing things together that you used to do, and just spending quality time together without any disturbances.

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If you’re going through a divorce, you may think you’re alone. However, if you follow these tips for surviving living with your husband after the divorce, you may find that there are many others like you who were able to get through the hardest of times. Just keep an open mind and remember that there are other people just like you who also experienced what you are now going through.

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