Here are seven survival tips for homeschooling while you are sleep deprived. Sleep loss and lack of sleep can cause a number of serious consequences to both the student and parent. If you are teaching and homeschooling, these tips can help keep your sanity while facing this situation.

Get Your School Reporters Ready For Spring! Before school starts in most states, it’s already time to get your news reporters ready. You might not have time to get the local newspaper for a school report on the first day of school, but you’ll need to get something published ASAP. Whether it’s an article, a video, or a report on the field trip, get it out before your child gets back from school. There will be endless television clips of teachers giving information on test scores and/or lunch specials during this period.

Teach in Action: Once you get your news reporters and school officials ready, go ahead and plan what you will be doing in the days leading up to school. This could include long drives to visit the doctor, pick up your child’s clothing, etc. You might also want to talk with other parents about how they dealt with similar situations as you face now.

Set a Good Plan: You should try to set a good schedule and stick to it. Your child needs to rest too. So do your best to get him or her the recommended eight hours of sleep every night. Of course, children vary in age and ability. You’ll find that children as young as three have a hard time sleeping.

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Plan a Restful Day: Try to take your child for a walk or a light jog around the block or in the neighborhood after school. Doing so will help get rid of any stress you may have built up throughout the day. Also, your child will feel more relaxed and at ease with you if you don’t constantly worry about his or her school performance. Take some time out to just be together and enjoy the company of your family.

Get Some Rest: If the alarm goes off at 1 in the morning, be sure to get up and check to see if your child is still asleep. If not, go right back to sleep. If you need to stay up to watch the TV, focus on something else rather than watching TV. Do anything you can to promote a restful sleep.

Plan for Water: It may rain later in the day. It’s important for you and your child to stay hydrated. If you’re staying home, you may need to rely on a battery-powered fan to keep the room warm enough. You may also need to boil water to make tea, coffee, or any other beverages that require hot water, since school may have ended earlier than you thought.

Teach Yourself: It’s important to teach yourself as much as possible so you know what to do if the worst happens. In case your child does fall asleep, start reading a sleep book to help set your mind at ease. Teach yourself words like calm down, relax and breathe. You’ll also need to learn how to relax the whole body. Yoga and meditation are great for this.

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Get Some Exercise: Most kids don’t get the exercise they need during the day. It’s important for the school to wait until after school so they can catch up on homework, but it doesn’t have to wait. You can get exercise by walking or bike riding. Play some soccer or ball games if your child is active.

Eat a Nutritious Meal: Many of us skip breakfast because we’re too tired to eat anything. But when you’re trying to get the most out of school, eating healthy can be tough. Don’t eat anything too late. Set a good hour by which you should eat your meal so you won’t get too hungry before class.

These are just a few of the Survival Tips for Homeschooling while you’re Sleep Deprived. These may seem like common sense, but if you’re not getting the rest you need, you will be more likely to do poorly in school. The best way to combat exhaustion is by getting the right amount of sleep every night. When your body has the proper rest, you’ll perform better at school.

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