If you have an empathy that can help others feel better, it could mean a world to the emotionally impaired. However, if you have a habit of shutting down, feeling sad or withdrawing, you may not get much help. Unfortunately, many people with emotional challenges are unaware of their own need for help. They may feel too much and act too little. Here are seven survival tips for people who feel too much.

Be self-aware: Empaths with strong emotions may seem self-conscience and may be reluctant to ask for help. This may be due to feelings of shame or fear, but the truth is, being self-aware can help you determine whether you are truly empathic. When you notice that you are taking the appropriate actions to be an asset to someone else’s life, you will know that you are in fact helping.

Know your limits: Some people who feel too much are afraid that others will reject them or even hurt them. In reality, being empathic is not about feeling so much. It’s about recognizing your limits and working to manage them. Many times, it is possible to teach yourself how to say no when it is not appropriate to do something that can hurt another person. This will allow you to be a good partner to others.

Have compassion: People with emotional issues often lack compassion. In order to be an asset to someone, you must feel a certain amount of compassion toward yourself first. By having a deep compassion for your own emotional well-being, you will be able to help others improve their emotional health. Even if you think you cannot give away enough empathy, practice being present with those who suffer from emotional pain.

Have a network: The most effective survival tips for empathic individuals include having a network of support. If you don’t have a supportive network, there is no way to really get the help you need. Therefore, surround yourself with like-minded people who also have Empathic skills.

Don’t forget the outdoors! While it may seem that you have many survival tools at hand, you still must find ways to keep yourself safe and healthy. That means being able to get outdoors and away from the safety of your house. Even if you don’t like the outdoors, go outside as often as you can. Doing so will give you time to refresh and recharge your mind and body.

Stay connected: Empathy is not about feeling other people’s pain. It’s about connecting with others on an energetic level. When you get in touch with the energy of someone else, you can understand their perspective on the situation. Therefore, when you feel too much emotional pain, learn to let go of that energy by connecting to others on an energetic level.

These are just seven survival tips for Empathic people who feel too much. Of course, there are many more, as well as ways to deal with situations that occur naturally in our lives. However, these are some valuable survival tips for Empathic individuals.

Now, remember that when you’re dealing with something overwhelming, you should step back and look at it in a different way. For example, you might begin to look at a situation in a positive way, or see the good in it rather than what you perceive as bad. This is one of the most powerful survival tips for Empathic people. In addition, you’ll also find it helps you feel less tense and anxious.

Take inventory: One of the most important survival tips for Empathic people is to always take inventory of your situation. You’ll find that you are more likely to survive when you do this. Why? In a situation where you feel overwhelmed, you’ll tend to worry and fight and this will distract you from doing your best.

Be self-reliant: When it comes to learning some of the best survival tips for Empathic people, they include being self-reliant. This basically means that you help take care of yourself by preparing healthy meals, getting plenty of sleep and exercising regularly. Remember that being self-reliant will also help you keep calm in difficult situations, because you won’t be worried about how you will pay for your day.

Take a break: It’s also very important that you learn to take a break in your daily routine. This will help you relax, which in turn will help you think clearly. Take a deep breath, take a look at a clock and put aside your problems for now. If you can, take a friend along to help you with some of the basic survival tips for Empathic people so you can focus on them.

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