If you love the thought of a great road trip, then you should plan Austin’s Bicycle Weekend. This is a one-day event held during the beginning of May, and it takes place right in the heart of Austin’s downtown. It is not hosted by a single organization or government agency; it is organized by volunteers who want to give biking a try in a new place. What you need to do to participate in Bike Weekend is get your bike out and get some riding in. Here are some of Austin’s Bicycle Weekend survival tips to help you get started down the trail.

First, check to make sure that all of the street signs have their correct names and that you are driving on the right roads. As you travel down South Congress Avenue or Larpenter Street, look for all of the street signs that say Austin. If you see one that doesn’t move onto the next street over. You don’t want to end up going the wrong way!

Next, see if there is an alternative route that you can take if you encounter road work. There will be signs directing you to a crosswalk at one corner and another sign pointing you down the other way. In some areas, the walkway will be marked, but in others it may not. By checking ahead in advance, you’ll be able to avoid this inconvenience when it happens.

Get your bearings together before you hit the road. This means getting your bike ready for the long, gentle ride through the city. Check the gear ratio, the front wheel brakes, and the pedals. You should also be wearing the proper personal protective equipment such as a helmet, glasses, gloves, and plenty of sunscreen.

Try not to break out in a sweat right away. If you do start to feel cold, get into a sit and get some relief. Bike shops have chairs and hot chocolate available if you need a little extra warmth. And don’t forget a bottle of water! Austin’s summers are humid, and you want to stay hydrated so you don’t develop a heat stroke.

Keep an eye on the road conditions. It can be sunny one minute and rainy the next. It can be hot one minute and chilly the next. Try to see the whole day. You’ll be surprised how much difference a little knowledge makes.

Watch for pickpockets. Austinites know how vulnerable they are. There are always crooks out to do just that snatch your wallet and valuables. So be sure to carry around a cell phone, credit card, and any cash you may have in your back pocket.

These seven Austin survival tips are only a few of the many you can use throughout your Austin bike trip. Austin is definitely a place that offers a lot of opportunities for cycling. However, if you ever find yourself in trouble, you will want to reach out for help from people you know or even the local police department.

There are several ways you can prepare for your Austin survival tips. For instance, you could leave a first aid kit on your bike, just in case. Or you could look into purchasing one. It might seem like a waste of money, but think about it: it will give you peace of mind knowing you have some quick medical treatment options available should you fall victim to road rash. In case you get into an accident, it will ease your mind knowing that you have some money stashed away in your pocket to pay for it later.

Austin is known for being a pretty laid-back city. However, this doesn’t mean you should feel relaxed riding your bike. Austinites are known for being fastidious when it comes to safety. If you are going to cycle in Austin, it’s important to follow the rules and go slow.

Try to avoid weaving in and out of traffic. You don’t want to be seen as a distraction to someone driving by. If you plan to ride through schools or government buildings, make sure you wear a bicycle helmet. Also, many Austinites welcome new people into the fold by offering tips on how to get along the street.

When you do find yourself in an area where there are not too many people, or if you come across a biker who is aggressive, be prepared to give the driver a good shove in the side. It may seem like a jerk, but you’ll have to remember that they are defending themselves. Watch their eyes and give them a nice shove in the side. Be aware that you may be crossing lanes meant for vehicles and be prepared to handle the situation accordingly. You’re also going to want to watch out for cyclists who aren’t looking.

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