This article is intended to give first aid and survival tips for people who live in the Netherlands and other countries affected by the floods invene by the Mooi Weer Thuis disaster. The flooding which has affected many areas of the country is a natural disaster. However, it has also created some human and animal losses. For instance, there are reports that animals have already died due to thirst and hunger in the areas where the floods had broken out. This has created a need for disaster preparedness among the citizens of the Netherlands as well as among other countries in the region.

It is important that people should not worry too much about the lost of their loved ones and pets even though the immediate action after the occurrence of the flood has been taking place. There are still lots of things that can be done to save the lives of the people stuck under the debris and under the water. One of the first steps that has to be taken is to rescue and emergency help. One has to search for the proper channels in which one can get help. These channels could be the Red Cross, the Catholicos, or other non-profitable organizations.

Water is another major concern for the people who have lost their homes and most of their belongings. People should immediately start to build a watertight shelter for themselves. In this way, the water which could threaten their lives can be prevented from entering the houses. Using absorbent materials can also save a lot of space in a small area where emergency supplies and other resources are stored.

The people should also begin preparing their rescue equipment. This might include ropes, flashlights, blankets, and anything else that can be useful to rescue someone from under the water. Emergency tools are easily available in stores, but one should try to gather as many first aid tools as possible. It is also important for the family members to collect any information about the physician and the nurses of the hospital where one is being treated.

Another aspect which should be given high priority in the preparations for emergency is using sunscreen. Sunscreen can help save the skin of the sunburned victims, preventing the further damage to the body. People also should remember that the sun burns most especially if they happen to be inside the house during the hours of sunlight. They should make it a point to stay under cover in case of emergencies like storms and floods.

It is also important for people to gather all the necessities that they will need during the times of emergency. Food and water should be the top on the list of items to gather. It is also essential to make sure that all medicines and equipment are ready in case of an emergency. These include the medications and equipment for dealing with sun burns and colds. These items are also essential for emergency preparedness.

Next on the priority list should be contacting the local government and alerting them about the emergency. The Red Cross, army and hospitals are the main channels of communication in times of natural calamities. However, one should never believe in rumors or reports regarding emergencies as these may be false and misleading. It is best to keep one’s eyes and ears open in any situation and inform anyone who you come in contact with about what is happening. This should be done even through family and friends.

Water and food should always be the top on one’s emergency preparedness list. These can be easily procured by visiting malls that sell them as well as collecting them from home and the nearby water resources. One should not wait for any disaster to strike before bringing home essentials. These are just a few of the many mooi Weer Thuis survival tips that can make a big difference to one’s survival.

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