When it comes to finding the best gifts for Mother’s Day, the options can be mind-boggling. Yet, if you look hard enough, you can find products that are personalized, useful, and affordable. Mother’s Day certainly places the spotlight on moms, but really, any mom could use a pick-me-up every day of the year, whether you are searching for that one single sanity saver or require a full overhaul of your daily routine. There are plenty of products out there designed specifically to make life easier for moms, yet many of them are aimed at women who don’t consider themselves “moms.” If you feel a bit stranded in your quest for the perfect Mother’s Day gift, here are seven essential mom-friendly gifts:

* Diaper Bag – For those moms whose day-to-day lives include a constant run to the grocery store or a never-ending round of baby sitters, a diaper bag is the ideal gift. It will keep your necessities organized, comfortable, and stylish. The best mom-life survival tips would suggest that you buy one large enough to hold all your diapers, a couple of extra diapers, and a few wipes, as well as a few extra items such as baby formula, towels, and a small bottle of water. You might also want to consider carrying an extra pair of cellophane bags, a book about different kinds of vegetables, and a pregnancy calendar.

* Baby Book or Magazine – If you think a baby book or magazine is already a bit much, then try gifting these two treasures. These two gifts will keep your favorite mom-to-be busy for a while. Try browsing the web for a few sources of good baby books, and visit a few bookstores or even an online store to see which ones are in fashion. By the time your baby is one-year-old, she’ll probably need several of them!

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* Breast Pump or Diaper Pump – If you can’t get to the store during business hours, you can always bring along your own baby-pumping apparatus. Choose one that has a spacious base, so you can pump both breasts at once. You can also choose one that’s quiet to operate, so you won’t disturb any neighbors. Keep in mind that it’s best to purchase one that comes with some padding, so your baby can cuddle with comfort. After all, you don’t want to wake up in the middle of the night because your baby isn’t feeling well.

* First Aid Kit – You never know when you’ll get trapped in the car. In case of a mishap, it’s always better to be prepared. Buy yourself or have one placed in the car with you. Some include extras such as duct tape, bandages and anti-septic lotion. It’s best if you can carry one with you at all times, so you’ll always be prepared.

* Baby wipes and soap – Yes, you know how often babies get themselves seriously dirty. Soap, lotion and baby wipes are important baby essentials that you should always have on hand. Ideally, you should make sure there is a special place in your house that mom-to-be can go and wipe herself, when needed. Just make sure you’re buying safe and organic products, though.

* Baby Clothes – Always buys comfortable clothing for your baby. Avoid fancy and tight-fitting ones, as these can make your baby feel uncomfortably tight and uncomfortable. When it comes to clothing, a baby can never tell the difference between real and artificial. Have your baby dressed in comfortable clothes made from 100% cotton for the utmost softness.

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* Emergency Food Kits – These are useful gifts for mom-to-be. You can either make or purchase emergency food kits for your family. Store these in places where you know your mom-to-be can reach them easily, such in the kitchen cabinets, cupboards, or cupboards in other rooms. The kit itself will include food, water and utensils that can be used for multiple instances of sickness. This is a wonderful gift to give anyone because they need it right away.

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