Preparing for any eventuality is always important but if you want to have some trouble free preparations this winter then read this article. I am going to give you six winter survival tips that I think are the most critical for anyone who may find themselves in a harsh wilderness or somewhere that is prone to harsh weather conditions. These tips can keep anyone going when the snow falls and they need to survive. In my opinion these tips are the most critical to have in case you ever find yourself or someone you love in an emergency situation

Always carry a cell phone. Most people don’t think about it but in case of an emergency the cell phone can be your lifeline. A cell phone will allow you to contact the proper authorities and also keep people who know you away from the site of the emergency. This can be critical especially in an emergency such as a fire or a heart attack.

Stay indoors as much as possible. The best way to keep warm and to avoid the weather is by staying indoors as much as possible. Use heating pads inside of your house to keep you warm. If you have a fireplace, put some logs or dry leaves inside of them to keep the fire burning. This will keep you warm and toasty.

Stock up on food and water. You never know when a natural disaster will happen that will starve you and cause you to go without food and water. My father always told me that if I didn’t have some food in the house that I would die of thirst. Now I know why he was saying that because if the emergency wasn’t bad enough you wouldn’t need to worry about being starving and dying of thirst.

Keep a first aid kit with you. This is an absolute must have for any member of your family. You never know when you might have to use the kit. A kit should contain bandages, adhesive bandages, cotton balls, gauze and anti embolism bandages.

Do not be afraid to cook with as many supplies and in as many pots as you can afford. Stove, grill, boil the water for drinking, and steam the foods that you want to eat are all part of the six winter survival tips. Keep your fuel source available by bringing along your own fuel. For this one you need to rent a wood grinder and a propane stove.

Use the lumber in your house as a barn for your cows. It’s much cheaper than setting them free outside. Keep your neighbors aware of the problem by putting up a sign. Put your chickens in their own separate area so that they are not slaughtered by the hungry animals coming down the street. Six hundred chickens is a good number for this winter.

These are just a few survival tips that you should keep in your mind before winter comes. They may seem like common sense, but you would be surprised at how many people overlook it. Remember that you live in a civilization built on information. Make sure that you have all of the essentials that you will need.

This means having food storage in the form of canned goods, paper products and the like. This way if you run out of something, you will have an easy place to store it. Also make sure that all of your clothing is presentable. If you use wool, it needs to be dry cleaned before it is packed away.

Six weeks before the storm is expected, make sure your house is sealed up and that no one goes in or out. Get your pets spayed or neutered, if you have them, and keep your homes free of garbage and other rodents. Six feet of snow is plenty to pile up against any door. A sturdy door with a lock will protect you from marauding insects as well.

Winter survival tips also include having your home stocked with enough food for at least six days. If you have stored your food properly it should last for at least a week. If you have a six-day supply inside of your house, there is no doubt that you will be able to get through the coldest period of the year. If you really want to be prepared, go through your entire home and check for anything that may have gone wrong. You do not want to leave anyone out in the cold because you forgot something important. Winter is coming and it would be a good idea to plan ahead.

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