Even if you are a nurse who has worked in a hospital for many years, you will find that there are still many things about night shifts that can be a real hassle. Nurses have to work in very strange hours on nights when people don’t want to be awake and alert – or they simply cannot sleep! Nurses have to deal with constant interruptions from callers who have complaints or problems while on the clock. Many nurses have to work weekends and holidays as well. They have to cover the shift, then take time off when their shift is changed at the last minute. Nursing clogs quite quickly with this type of schedule.

If you are one of the many nurses out there who works night shifts, then you probably know how much your day can be changed by one simple phone call. Most doctors’ offices cannot wait until late in the evening when the patients are asleep to send out a night shift. This often means rushing to complete paperwork or even extra shifts at night which can be extremely hard on the nursing staff and stressful on the patients as well. Try and minimize these factors to maximize productivity during your shift.

It is important that when working a night shift that you try and limit it to just a few times a week. Don’t work more than 3 days in a row. It is actually very dangerous to do so. If you work more than 3 days a week, you will find that you have a very difficult time getting into the rhythm of your daily schedule. It becomes impossible to make sure all the schedules are in place, everything always is.

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If you have children, then be very careful with the amount of sleep you spend on each one. In fact, many nursing homes have a minimum amount of sleep that each resident should receive. If you are a full-time nanny and spend your days sleeping and playing with your children, then try and confine them within the same bed as you sleep. Not only will this help you get more done during your day shift, it will also keep you from becoming exhausted from playing too much with them.

It is also important to have great morale and determination when you are working a shift. Many nursing professionals feel like they are making very little money and little or no pay. Nurses earn about 15% less than the average worker in many industries. When you consider that many nurses’ hourly wages are less than the minimum wage, it is easy to see why many nurses look for other avenues to make a living. One thing many nurses do is volunteer their services outside of work.

There are many community organizations, churches, and schools that need nurses to fill positions. Many times the churches and schools will pay for any volunteer work that a nurse does. You can often get free medical care in these places if you volunteer your time to wash the floors or clean the bathrooms. These types of jobs are not for those who are looking to make money but rather to provide for the community. The best part is that many of these jobs pay extremely well.

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If you are working at a fast food restaurant, you can often get tips from the owner. These tips often include knowing how long the food will last. Some owners will let you know how many servings are needed for a meal. Knowing this can help you fill up a tank quickly and efficiently. Many restaurants offer coupons that can be used at the cash register during checkout. Taking advantage of these coupons can save you money on your bill.

Many nurses prefer to work for larger hospitals and clinics. Since these places often run on tight budgets, they are willing to give smaller tips to make sure their workers stay happy and on target. Hospitals are a great place to make tips because you can offer your patients a range of health services. This can include medical check-ups and even free prescriptions.

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