In “Six Survival Tips for Empaths”, Judith Orloff MD presents six guidelines for those of us who are both emotionally and physically vulnerable. It’s a very good book and one that I found very helpful. The six tips presented in this book are:

* Recognize the Gift – Empathic people are tuned in to their gifts. They recognize that something is alive inside them that makes them uniquely beautiful, insightful, and talented. Judith Orloff explains how the survival tips for empathic people can help you maintain your unique gifts.

* Listen intently – One of the most difficult things for an empath to do is to ignore the feelings of others. Intentionally ignoring the feelings of someone else can lead to hurt feelings on the part of the individual who is being ignored. By paying attention to what is being said and taking notes, you can become skilled at listening. This skill is especially useful in sensitive issues such as death, divorce, and other painful situations. When you know how to listen effectively, you will be able to respond with patience, compassion, and understanding.

* Carefully Consider Your Position – If you have been injured, or if a loved one has been affected, it is important that you consider your own position at risk. You need to assess the damage that is being done to yourself, and what the best course of action would be for your well being. Try to relax your body and your mind, even if you are physically unable to do much. Meditating or counting can help you focus your thoughts. Getting the right support from trusted sources can also help you take the appropriate steps to protect your physical well-being.

* Communicate Effectively – When an Empathic Person is dealing with a situation, they are able to get a better feel for the motivations of other people. This helps them make the best decisions for themselves and their family. Being able to clearly see the other person’s viewpoint can help a great deal. While communicating, you should also be aware of your own emotions and reactions. While you cannot control other’s behaviors, you can control how you react to situations.

* Follow Your Breath – One of the best survival tips for empathic individuals is to always pay attention to your breath. Paying attention to your breath allows you to determine the physical sensations that others are experiencing. Some people have a hard time with this aspect of survival training. However, practicing this skill regularly can go a long way toward reducing fear and anxiety, as well as improving a sense of relaxation. It can also help you remain calm when things get out of control and may prevent panic attacks from occurring.

* Remain Positive – One of the most important survival tips for Empathic People is to maintain a positive attitude even when circumstances are challenging. While it is possible to become overly worried about certain aspects of daily life, it is not advisable to become obsessed in any given situation. Instead, find time to be optimistic about what the future has to offer. Although it can be difficult to do so, it is important to maintain a positive attitude at all times.

* Keep Health In Mind – When facing a health emergency, it is essential to remember that you have the skills necessary to survive. As such, you should keep a stock of the medicines that you require for treatment. Be sure to carry simple first aid supplies, so that you can get the help that you need right away. The information in this article provides some practical survival tips for Empathic People that can help you get through a difficult period.

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