How does your holiday season plan fare if you’re in a relationship that’s about to become a divorce? How about if your spouse wants a change and you don’t want to go through a messy divorce? Here are six survival tips for dealing with divorce over the holidays:

Give your kids’ space. Children feel their parents only want them for sex. Don’t let this be a catalyst for a fight between you two. Even if you and your ex-spouse are having issues, it’s OK to leave the kids alone for now – after all, they have their own lives to sort out on their own. You can’t stay home every minute of the holiday weekend because you want to be with your kids.

Get away from the malls and stores. Especially if you have children with your ex-spouse, go shopping or even hang out at the mall during non-business hours. This way, you can’t be tempted back into their lives just before or after your separation. It would also be unwise to answer calls and texts during business hours – even if it’s to ask how the store is doing.

Be assertive. When talking to your ex, try to rein in your temper. You may be too emotional to speak properly. If you’re arguing, be quiet. Don’t say anything that will make them mad.

Keep a close eye on your finances. If you had to spend money during the holiday season, better take care of it first. That way, there’ll be less stress and more opportunity to spend time with your children. There may be extra spending money you can give to your ex. Or you may even be eligible for tax deductions when filing your taxes.

Watch for the symptoms of an impending divorce. While it may seem like your ex already moved on, you could easily pick up on the signs. For instance, you may notice that they’ve been asking questions about your finances and assets.

Take stock in yourself. Sure, your ex is going to be mad at you for breaking up, but it doesn’t mean that they’re totally forgetful. You may be able to use that as a springboard to get your own attention and to build up your own self-confidence. Think about what you’ve learned from the relationship and what you can do to improve your next marriage. You may also want to read books and articles on relationship issues, to give you some tips on how to keep your spouse happy in the future.

Keep in mind that if you want to be successful in surviving a divorce, you need to have some real “woods-and-woods” type of spirit. The phrase comes from an old children’s book that you may still be reading right now. In essence, it says that you should “even the score” when it comes to who gets to stay and who gets to go. So whether or not you have some real “woods-and-woods” spirit, you need to be prepared to be more assertive in your relationship. These are just a few survival tips for dealing with divorce over the holidays.

You Can Play It Safe – You may be tempted to avoid fights or to take it easy with each other. While that may seem like a good idea in theory, in practice it can lead to major fights and depression. Therefore, it’s important to keep your head and your emotions in check when you are having problems. Try to use humor to break the ice or to distract yourself.

Are Open And Honest – You might be afraid to let things out, but you must try to open up with your spouse. If you are both willing to work together to survive, then you both don’t have to keep your emotions inside. If this means that you make mistakes, then you may need to learn from them. You can learn to laugh at them and to move on.

Accept That Sometimes A Tough Situation Are Part Of Life And That It Will Pass – There will probably be days where you are feeling angry, upset, or depressed. When these feelings get too much, it’s hard to find a way to cope with them. The best thing you can do is accept that sometimes bad things happen to good people. Don’t let these attacks stop you from enjoying your special time with your spouse. If you don’t take advantage of the opportunity to survive them, then your relationship may never be able to survive the challenges that come with ending a marriage.

Dealing with a difficult situation like divorce can be very difficult. It’s always important to remember that you are not alone. There are many people that will walk by your situation and be better equipped to handle the same situation than you are. This year, make surviving the holidays a little easier by following these six survival tips for dealing with divorce over the holidays. They will allow you to keep your mind and body strong in order to have a productive and successful holiday season.

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