5 Ways to Remove a Stripped Screw

Screws and bolts are the most common tools used in home improvement. But, when you’re creating a new project or repair work on an old one, sometimes screws get stripped off their threads. This happens for two main reasons: either you don’t screw them tight enough (and thus can come loose), or your machine was not properly calibrated to begin with. Either way, if you want to remove a stripped screw from woodwork without damaging it further, try these 5 methods below!
1- Use pliers
2- Push cold chisel into the empty hole of the screwed piece until its head is protruding out
3- Apply pressure around where your fingers would normally be holding onto the strip 4 – For large items that won’t fit through regular sized holes, use a larger drill bit instead and let go before drilling all the way through
5- Try twisting as hard as possible while pulling

The “how to remove a stripped screw from metal” is one of the most common problems that can happen when working with metal. Here are 5 ways to remove a stripped screw.

Poster of a man removing a stripped screw.

You will come upon a stripped screw at some point during your DIY/handyman adventure. A stripped screw is one whose head has been so damaged and drilled out that the screwdriver/screw drill’s bit can no longer obtain a strong hold on it and hence remove it. Stripped screws happen when you screw with the improper screw bit, work too quickly, or attempt to put a screw bit into a screw head at an odd angle. They’re bothersome in any case, and they might seem difficult to get rid of. 

But don’t be concerned! There are answers to this conundrum. We’ve included five possible methods for removing a stripped screw below. The approach you choose will be determined on the kind of stripped screw you’re dealing with as well as the equipment you have on hand. 

1. Pliers

Pair of pliers held in hand to remove stripped screw.

You may be able to remove the screw with simply a pair of pliers if it isn’t entirely fastened into the wood or metal. With a pair of vise-grip pliers, grasp the screw head and spin until the screw comes out.

2. Steel Wool/Rubber Band

Rubber band placed on stripped screw with the help of screw driver.

For the mere reason that it’s so simple to accomplish, this is the first approach I use everytime I strip a screw. To remove a stripped screw head, sometimes all you need is a little more grip.

Cover the stripped screw with a rubber band and firmly push the screwdriver into the screw head. Remove the screw with gradual, firm pressure. Going as slowly as possible is the key to this strategy. If you drive too rapidly, the rubber band will be chewed up. 

If you don’t have a rubber band, try inserting a piece of steel wool into the stripped screw head instead. It may also give some grip to aid in the removal of the screw. 

Dremel Tool No. 3

Cutting a notch into the top of the stripped screw by Dremel tool.

You may cut a notch in the top of the stripped screw using a Dremel tool. After that, take a flathead screwdriver and put it into the groove, then pull it out. If you don’t have a Dremel tool, a hacksaw may be used to cut the notch.

Liquid Friction is a kind of liquid friction.

Now we’re getting into the field of specialised products for removing stripped screws. Screw Grab, DriveGrip, and other similar names are liquids that are applied to stripped screws to improve friction between them and the screwdriver. It works in a similar way as a rubber band. It’s not a panacea, and it works best on screws that aren’t too badly stripped. 

5. Set of Screw Extractors

Function of Screw Extractor Kit.

A screw extractor kit is a two-ended drill bit that is specifically intended to remove stripped screws. Kits are available on Amazon and at any hardware shop. They’re reasonably priced and useful to have in your workshop. 

The screw extractor’s one end is used to drill a depression in the stripped screw. Set your drill to reverse (I know, it’s paradoxical) and run it at a slow to moderate pace while providing firm downward pressure with this end pointing out. After you’ve finished making your imprint, turn the bit over so that the extraction end is visible. To withdraw the screw, reverse the drill and apply constant downward pressure.


So there you have it. How to get a stripped screw out. Dude, be extra cautious while driving those screws next time. 



The “how to remove a stripped screw from plastic” is a problem that can happen. The 5 ways to remove a stripped screw are as follows: using pliers, using a knife, using a drill, using an impact driver and using the screwdriver bit.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the 7 ways to remove a stripped screw?

1.Hammering it out with a nail set or other blunt object, then using pliers to remove the remaining screw head.
2.Using brute force and inserting a flathead screwdriver into the stripped slot of another piece of metal that is larger in diameter than the original screw, removing it from its hole before turning it counter-clockwise until it comes loose.
3.Inserting an adjustable wrench into the eyelet on one end of a bent wire (hook type) and twisting outward to release tension which will allow you as much space for insertion as possible without damaging either sides threads; once room has been made for insertion by this method, turn clockwise against resistance until loosened further; pull off shaft when breakage occurs.:
4.. Using penetrating oil such as WD40 or Liquid Wrench with an applicator tool to lubricate any areas where screws have been removed so they can be unscrewed easily next time.;
5… Cutting away at least three inches around all sides (including ends), front and back perimeter of complete circle starting 3/8 inside edge – avoiding cutting too deeply near edges… leaving enough material residue left over if needed for rethreads should need arise in future repair work ; use hacksaw or reciprocating saw cutters : 7…..Grinding down rough area surrounding damaged point using fine grit sandpaper

Whats the easiest way to get out a stripped screw?

A: If the screw is stripped, youll need to drill out a hole in it with a power drill.

How do you remove a stripped screw by hand?

You may need to purchase a screwdriver with the needed size. Youll also have to use some force if you cant get it out by hand, but thats not impossible.

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