If you are not using survival tips from Drill Sergeant Stamm, then you probably are a fool. The German SS troops were known for their fear of death and Stamm was no exception. To survive the Third Reich’s concentration camps, they practiced brutal simulated combat rehearsals that included simulated drowning, disemboweling and shooting enemy soldiers. In this article, you will read his top survival tips.

Get A Good Headset: Before going into the camp, you should always make sure that you have a good quality helmet to prevent injury. Even if it is just a simple walkie talkie, it would provide you excellent protection. Besides, you should use a reliable wire cutter as well. Then you would need an excellent flashlight as well. These tools will keep you light in case there are any lighted torches in the area. And don’t forget to take along a cell phone with you because at times you would be in no way able to signal for help.

Eat Right: Getting proper nutrition would help you stay alive. You would never know when a severe German winter would come along and you might freeze to death. If you want to stay fit, you should follow the German fitness regimen that includes regular exercise, balanced diet, and eating right. This is one of the best survival tips from drill sergeant Stamm.

Learn How To Fire A Gun: It is important that you learn how to fire a gun in case of an emergency. This is one of the best survival tips from drill sergeant Stamm. For starters, you can always enlist the help of a friend who is an experienced rifleman. However, if neither of you is interested in learning how to fire a gun, you could always purchase a rifle that operates under the Mauser principle and practice until you get the hang of it. As long as you know how to use it properly, you would have no trouble saving your life.

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Learn How To Read Metal: If ever you encounter any sort of emergency, the first thing you would need to do is to examine the current state of your body armour. If you are wearing full body armour, you would certainly look cool and sturdy. In such a scenario, you would definitely attract the eyes of the people around you. Therefore, it would be wise to have the ability to read metal before you go out into the harsh and hostile environment.

Keep Your Water And Food Stock Low: It is also important to keep your stocks of food and water low if ever you encounter an emergency. It would be very easy to run out of food during a wilderness trip. However, you should be able to carry enough supplies with you so that at least you can survive for a few days. You should be prepared to carry even two liters of water for every person in your group. You should never forget to put some dried fruits and vegetables in your kit too.

Are Courteous And Friendly: Even though you are in a highly volatile situation, you should not lose your cool or temper. Sometimes, the only way to survive in such a hostile environment is to be nice and friendly. You would not want to draw more attention to yourself than you have to. You should be courteous and kind while interacting with others. Even if you are not in a life-threatening situation, you would still want to maintain your dignity.

You should try these survival tips from drill sergeant Stamm. There is no doubt that these tips would ensure your life during emergencies. You would definitely thank yourself for having the opportunity to follow such steps as you might have otherwise never been able to. If you feel that you lack the confidence to perform well under emergency situations, you could always take help from other sources like books or magazines or even a professional guidance from a TV show or a radio program.

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