The annual Worldwide Developer Conference (WDC) is a great place for any newbie to learn the ins and outs of the most important event of the year – attending an event filled with professionals and their ideas. And, let’s face it, what’s the best part about this event? It’s the opportunity to network with people in the industry! If you love to talk about technology and anything related to the development of technology – it’s the perfect chance for you to meet your colleagues, learn new strategies, and see the latest products in action.

It’s important to note that there are two very different aspects of attending this event, and that you need to be careful which WWDC survival tips you follow. First of all, you have the opportunity to network with some of the biggest names in technology. So, while at the event, it’s a good idea to do the networking you need to – whether it’s a quick lunch or a one-on-one chat – to ensure that you’re able to stay on top of new product releases, emerging trends, and any other important information available at the event.

The event itself is jam packed full of activities. The schedule boasts a full schedule of workshops, demonstrations, presentations, hands-on labs and more. There’s never a dull moment. Even if you only show up for a quick bite to eat or to catch up on the latest news, you may still find yourself missing out on some of the biggest highlights. So, be careful what you attend, and try to fit as much of the content into your day as possible.

But this isn’t the be-all and end-all of WWDC survival tips. That said, it can’t hurt to take a few precautions. Always make sure that you bring a smart phone, a laptop, and a camera. Bring plenty of water and batteries so that you can easily capture any interesting or informative moments you may come across. If you have questions during the event, make sure that someone is available to help!

Another one of the most important pieces of equipment at the event is a camera. While many of the presentations are being shown in the room where you sit, others may be being videotaped for broadcast later. Even if you can’t participate in the actual presentation itself, consider taking a video with you or making a short recording of your own to take home afterwards. You never know who will come up to ask a question. And if you can, offering to do a follow-up interview will always be welcomed.

Be savvy about who you let into your contact information – and don’t let anyone know who it is, either. Only give them the barest of information if you feel comfortable doing so. After all, this is an important conference for you, and you don’t want anyone to end up mistreating you, ruining your reputation or otherwise.

Be prepared to handle emergencies well – and keep your cool. While it’s possible to become overwhelmed by the size of the occasion, you should be able to keep control and remain calm no matter how large it may get. If you aren’t feeling well or if you are getting sick, visit a doctor immediately. You might also need to take some medication.

There are many other WWDC survival tips that you’ll want to know about. Don’t let any of them get to you before you leave, however. Make sure that you have plenty of water, food and energy to stay on as long as you need to. Good luck!

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