This coming holiday season, many lesbian, gay, bisexual, and trans (LGBT) people are choosing to celebrate their relationships and marriages regardless of sexual orientation. What should they be preparing for? Here are some tips for those of us planning on celebrating the freedom to love who we are with our loved ones this holiday season. These are 5 survival tips for LGBTQ people spending the holidays with family.

Always bring a gift! One of the worst things that can happen when you are having fun with your loved ones is if they forget to bring someone special along. If your family has someone in it that doesn’t fully support your relationship or family, try bringing someone along as well just in case. You never know what might happen during the holidays!

Consider starting your purchases early. Depending on where you will be going, this might mean a week or two ahead of time. If possible purchase from local businesses. While you’re at it, consider purchasing handmade gifts for everyone in your family. Handmade crafts are gorgeous, and they will bring warmth and smiles to each family member’s face.

Don’t stress out over your purchases. If you find that you are in need of a few essentials, pick them up as soon as you can. For instance, if you are planning to go out for dinner, you might need to get a little change of clothes. This way, you can’t buy too much at one time, and you’ll have plenty of time to stock up for the times when you do need it.

Prepare gifts ahead of time. It is amazing how many people tend to leave the wrapping paper and cartons out at the store. This causes most people to buy more things than what they actually need. You may not realize it while you are there, but your family members may have a lot of unnecessary items that they just can’t use. To prevent this problem, try to have a gift registry or ask for assistance from others who are planning holidays with your family.

Prepare gifts ahead of time. This will prevent you from rushing around to pick up gifts when you get home. If you can’t find anything suitable, consider a gift card from a thrift store. Even without this option, you can always take a bag and fill it with supplies or toys that your family members would really enjoy. This way, you won’t spend money going about trying to find gifts.

If you have access to electricity, try to stay in an area that has power. During the winter months, this is even more important. Most people are more likely to suffer from colds or heat stroke during the winter months, so this is especially important. Many families opt for camping during these months in order to avoid the crowds of cities and hotels, and some of these families include people of both genders and various ages.

There’s no need to worry if you do survive the holidays with your loved ones. There are so many other ways that you can celebrate them. Spending time with family and friends, doing crafts, playing games, and eating food are just some of the things you can do. These tips for how to survive a gay holiday with family will help everyone. Just remember to have fun!

One of the worst parts of being openly gay is coming out. It’s a very courageous thing to do. If your family knows you’re gay, then they might be less hostile to your coming out than they would be otherwise. Try to set aside a time to talk to them about your situation. Make sure that you’re not annoying them or causing them to feel defensive, but be polite and respectful of their feelings.

A lot of the survival tips for how to survive a gay holiday with family talk about physical safety. Don’t walk home alone at night or try to hitchhike. It’s always better to meet up with your friends and run an errand together instead.

You’ll also want to make sure that you have a good attitude about your sexuality. A lot of people who are gay tend to be a little sensitive or reserved about their sexual orientation. When you come out, try to keep this in mind. Don’t act on your sexual desires until you’re sure that everyone else in your family is comfortable with it. You’ll have a much better time if you just accept yourself and enjoy your new identity as a gay man.

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