Furry and bright are definitely among the best holiday suggestions for pet owners. It’s a great way to bring in the holiday’s spirit while keeping in mind all of your pet’s needs. And it’s easy: all you need is a few basic items. Here are five holiday survival tips for your four-legged family member(s) that will keep your animal friends happy, safe, and comfortable through the colder months:

Get them an extra pillow. Many people don’t realize how much sleep pets need throughout the year. And the holidays tend to be more stressful for pets during the long dark winter months. A fluffy pillow will provide extra comfort for your furry family member(s) during the long winter nights and provide a little extra warmth as well.

Take them out. Furry and bright animals tend to enjoy the weather more if they can leave the house. But it’s not always possible. If your pet is normally inside during the winter, consider taking them out for the holidays. A short trip to the local park or to the vet (or both) will give you and your pet some much needed outdoors time.

Take them out to eat. This is a holiday tradition that many people continue, but for pet owners, this is one of the best ways to ensure that your feline friends have a happy and healthy holiday. Your pet’s favorite treat is food, and the holidays are the perfect opportunity to provide them with their favorite holiday treats. Many stores offer special food deals during the long holiday season. And there are even some pet sitters who prepare special holiday meals for clients.

If the weather is bad outside, your pets might enjoy a nice long walk during the day. Or why not bring them inside for some indoor pet food? An indoor food bowl will make this holiday tradition even easier because they can play with their favorite toys while enjoying their favorite food at the same time.

Call animal shelters. Even if your pets aren’t sick, animal shelters are always happy to accommodate pets looking for someone to take care of them during the holidays. Most animal shelters host events where pets can be put up for adoption or for sale, and adopting a pet is usually much easier than selling one. You may also find a number of other furry, feathered and scaled friends to take home during the holidays.

Consider adopting your pets from animal shelters instead of from a pet store or other owners’ yard. Animal shelters often offer vaccinations and health checkups, which can be very helpful to pets whose owners have been away from home for several days. Your furry, feathered and scaled friends can enjoy the company of other animals while also getting the care they need and deserve.

Furry and bright: 5 holiday survival tips for the four-footed friends can come from many different sources. If you have feline friends in the area, see if they are aware of any animal shelter programs. Many shelters provide vaccinations and health checks on a sliding scale fee, so it won’t cost you a fortune to get your four-footed friends checked out. If your friends don’t have feline friends, consider asking the kids at school who they might know in the area. Chances are your neighborhood has a few animal shelters as well as pet stores, both of which offer many services to pet owners in need.

If you do have feline friends in the area, contact one or more animal shelters, as well as pet stores and vets, to see if there are any services being offered in your area. Some shelters will even offer specific services like spaying or neutering pets, offering a valuable service to pet lovers in need of a bit of help. Also check with the vet if you will be boarding pets during the holidays, especially if they will be living indoors. Many animal shelters are equipped to take care of four-legged family members who will be staying indoors.

Another option for four-footed friends who are taking part in the holidays is seeking out a local rescue group, which has been established to give pets their much needed attention throughout the year. These organizations often provide low-cost or free services to pets in need, including vaccinations, spaying/neutering (for cats and dogs), and other animal-assisted therapies that can help pets survive the hustle and bustle of the holidays. They can even provide a pet-friendly lodging for those who cannot travel and stay at home with their pets during the festivities. Check with local pet shelters during the holidays to see if any of them have programs in place.

Finally, if you want to extend the love of the holidays to your pets, make sure they know how special they are to you. Send holiday cards to friends and family who have pets, or give them cards with festive themes to make it easier to remind friends and family who may be far away that animals matter and are vital to the lives of everyone. Don’t forget to visit the local animal shelter during the holidays if you have a cat or a dog who needs someone to care for them during the holidays. The friendly animals and the love that the animals have received make it easier for many pets to receive the extra care that they need throughout the year.

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