Desert survival is tough, especially when you’re on a budget. It’s not easy to live off the land in an arid environment, and storage areas are necessary. The good news is there are many ways to get your hands on some of the best ammunition that’s available. Your storage areas need to be organized to optimize your hunting and survival skills. Here is five Crucial Ammo Storage Tips for Desert Hunters:

Make sure you have plenty of air. In the heat of the desert you will need plenty of air to work with, no matter what sort of ammunition you’re storing. You might not have a whole lot of room, but be sure to have plenty of air to work with. This will make sure you have rounds available when you need them, regardless of the weather.

Be sure your ammo is high caliber. While most people go for lower grade ammo for hunting in the desert, don’t do it. If you’re going to hunt, it’s important to shoot higher caliber ammo – even if it’s lower in cost.

Make sure your bullets are dry. Even though the target is dry, your gun is not. That means all of the ammo must be dry. Do not leave any in the gun – ever. It will not work, and there’s no point. Properly stored ammo will last much longer.

Be sure your ammo is secure. Even though your storage area is dry, it isn’t completely empty. Remember that it’s still hot out there. You’ll want to make sure that your ammo is stored in a way that it is out of harm’s way. Storing ammo in a closed cabinet isn’t the best idea – leave it unopened and secure in a locked case.

Use plastic storage boxes, and label them. Plastic boxes won’t retain dust as well as metal boxes. It will also keep the humidity out of the ammo. Make sure the ammo is stored away from damp areas of the desert, such as an arid area that has a lot of water in the soil. If you must store ammo in the desert, use climate controlled storage boxes.

Make sure your ammo is in a location that is not too far from water. An arid area can get very hot, and water in that area is not necessarily nice to have. Make sure your storage location does not have any nearby water sources. That’s very important. Desert sand is very hot, and anything near water will likely be too hot to handle. That can lead to problems with your storage, so be sure it’s out of any nearby water sources.

Also be sure to check your ammo often. This can help prevent wear and tear on your ammo. It can also help you find problems and injuries later on if you’re storing your ammo incorrectly. Check your ammo frequently, and be sure to replace the casing when it wears down or gets damaged. This is one of the most important ammo storage tips for desert survival.

Another thing to remember is that ammo needs to dry. You should keep it in a completely air-tight container no matter where you are storing it. This means don’t put your ammo in a boat box. Make sure your ammo is stored in a waterproof container. This might sound like common sense, but a lot of people do not do this. Keep your ammo dry.

One very important thing to remember about ammo is that it needs to stay hydrated at all times. You can refill just about any ammunition can. This is especially important in the desert, as water sources can become dry and even unsafe. Make sure your ammo is kept well stocked, and refilled regularly with water.

Also, always double bag your ammo. Never split the bag. This will keep any moisture from getting into your ammo. This can cause severe damage to your rounds if it does get into the gun. This is especially important in extreme temperatures or extremely wet environments. Double bag your ammo to prevent this problem.

These Desert Airsoft storage tips will definitely help you store ammo better. Make sure you know where your ammo is stored when you are in the desert. If you are not sure, find out what the proper protocol is in your area. If you live in an area where you deal with desert temperatures all year long, this is especially critical. Be safe and keep your ammo clean and well maintained!

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