5 Cheap Cabin Kits Starting at $3990

Cabins are a great way to turn your home into a haven in the wilderness, but they don’t have to cost you a fortune. If you’re only looking for the bare essentials, you can get a set of cabs for a very low price. It may only have a roof and four walls, but it would make a great home, a great place to blow off steam or just a weekend to get away from it all.

Material costs have risen recently, making it a little more difficult to find quotes for cabin completion. We update this list, even as costs rise, and check it regularly for accuracy, so you can find the best deal on buying a cabin package for your retirement or getaway.

**This article was published on 3. October 2017 written and has since been updated to accuracy **.

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Low-cost kits for basic cabins

If you’re looking for a smart way to disconnect, an affordable living room set is the answer. With a little land and a row of cabins, you can create your own little retreat that can last for generations. The best part is that you can do all this for about the same price as if you were taking your family on vacation. I don’t know about you, but I’d sooner choose permanent retirement than chase the kids around an amusement park for a week or two. If you’re struggling to convince your better half that building a log cabin is for you, I’ve put together a short list of pros and cons to help you out:

Advantages of the economicalcabin kit Favourable kit costs
Profitable The cheaper the kit, the smaller the cabin.
Can be built anywhere Need to buy the land and lay the foundations
Easy modification of plans and layouts Some consumables may not be included
Building a cabin can be a family experience. It takes a lot of work, a
Affordable Holidays
Error location option
A way to disconnect in a hectic world.
A lasting legacy that may last longer than you

We hope that these points will help in the decision-making process. If you have any suggestions, please let us know in the comments below. Read on for the five cheapest cab sets we could find, the cheapest being just under $4,000.

Allwood Claudia Cabin ($9,700)

Our first cabin is one of the most spacious on the list, with 209 square feet. The big disappointment is that it sold for the high price of $9,700. It takes about two days to assemble the cab, which is pretty quick.

Ladders, hammers and friends are what you need to build a kit of cabins.

One of the latest improvements they made to this kit was to increase the snow load capacity of the roof to 90 pounds per square foot. It’s good to know that they are constantly improving their kits to make them more durable. Here you can find out more about the lodge.

Cabin with lake view ($9,650)

About half of this cabin has windows, and is made to be on a lake or other scenic spot. Why can’t you have a nice view when you’re in a cubicle? It has eight double glazed windows and two double glazed doors. The cab is 1.75 by 1.75 meters, so it’s definitely on the short side.

The Lakeview Taxi Kit can be built just fine with a little work.

Lakeview Cabin basically consists of a roof, a few walls and a few windows – with no room for anything else, which means you have to get creative with laundry, cooking and running your business. It really takes 30 to 40 hours of work to put it together. Research shows that the kit is easy to put together and is quite complete. Here you can find out more about the lodge.

Cab with footrests ($6,850)

The Pinecrest hut functions as a garden shed or as a shelter at the bottom of the forest. It was designed to be very versatile, and the people who built it used it for very different things, such as :

  • Garden shed
  • Pool house
  • Headquarters
  • Art studio
  • Hunting Lodge
  • Fishing hut
  • Error place

If you can fit it into a 123 square foot layout, this cabin will do it.

This kit makes it possible to get a nice functional cabin.

Double glazed doors and windows make it more spacious than the other neighbouring cabins. This kit is free, putting it on par with the cheapest cab kits in general. Here you can find out more about the lodge.

Allwood Escape Cabin ($5,350)

This cabin of 9 by 12 is tiny. You can incorporate a window and a door into the floor plan, but a 113 square foot area is definitely a drawback. The boards are made of Norwegian spruce with tongue and groove installation. You will also need shingles and some paint or stain to finish the project.

Small and simple – but not a bad thing!

The real attraction of this cabin is not the windows or French doors, but the price: $5,350. It ships for free, which is a good deal considering the whole thing weighs over 3,000 pounds. Here you can find out more about the lodge.

House of the Moon ($3,990)

This dome cabin is the cheapest kit on the list, and one of the largest on the list with its 301 square feet and large attic. The kit does not include flooring or OSB, so you will need additional materials to complete the kit. And yet, $3,990 for a 300+ square foot dome structure is pretty good.

Complete moon house building kit on a small lake.

The lack of shipping costs makes it an escape if you want something cheap to set up. It’s not an option if you just want something to happen to everything you need. The flexibility of these packages really means that more work needs to be done to complete them. The modern kitchen and loft they gave up is amazing. Here you can find out more about the lodge.

Cheap second-hand taxis

Believe it or not, there are people who want to get rid of their cabins. Tree trunks weighing several hundred pounds are not easy to work with.  That’s why most used taxis sell for low prices when they are disassembled and shipped. You can find these listings on eBay, Craigslist, or in the classified ads section of your local newspapers.

Used kits are a challenge…. but they can save a lot of money.

Be willing to come with a crew because they get a low price so the owner doesn’t have to do much. Disassembling an old cab can sometimes take even longer than putting together a brand new kit, so plan accordingly. Some used taxi kits can be found on eBay for about half the cost of a new one, depending on the tax required.


Building a cheap cabin can be a fun and profitable project in the long run. There are many sizes and the cost usually depends on the size. If you don’t have the basic equipment for your cabin, you can save a lot of money by searching the internet. This can be a time of rapprochement for your family and help you feel more confident in your ability to be independent.

If you know anyone who feels that a cubicle or emergency exit is not accessible, please let them know. I was surprised how cheap cabin hunting can be, and maybe it was. Keep exploring, prepare and be safe.

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