It is important for teachers to develop a plan for survival in a negative school environment. In order to prepare a positive and secure classroom, it takes careful planning and implementation of strategies and actions. A negative school can be defined as one where the climate for learning and teaching is completely compromised with threats of violence or harm to staff members, students or other professionals. It can also include classrooms that are so overcrowded or demarcated that students are constantly feeling unsafe or left out of the action.

The first step towards a fully secure classroom is to make sure that staff are equipped with the necessary resources for their work each and every day. This includes providing adequate emergency food and equipment, supplies for cleanliness, appropriate writing supplies, reading materials and games that can be used to encourage learning. These supplies must be regularly replenished and placed in strategic locations throughout the classroom so that they are easily accessible to all students. In most schools, teachers have individual areas of responsibility where they can place supplies and other items that they regularly use. For teachers working in a negative environment, however, this may not be possible.

Emergency plans should be developed that include emergency contact information for teachers, students, parents and any other people who could potentially help if an emergency were to occur. A phone list should be kept of names and numbers of people who regularly visit the school and where they tend to hang out during the day. It is also a good idea to create a school website where teachers, parents and students can check in with each other and keep up to date on school activities, school news and events.

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Creating a safe learning environment is the most important factor when it comes to teaching. The best way to do this is to provide a controlled, comfortable and fun learning environment for students. The classroom should never be overcrowded and should never feel tense. Students should be encouraged to ask questions and participate in discussions rather than feeling as though they are being lectured in a class. It is essential that a teacher always stays calm and supportive during any stressful situation.

One of the best ways to help students feel more confident in their environment is by letting them know that you are there for them. This does not mean that the teacher has to be there at all times, but in some situations a teacher’s presence can help calm tense students and make them feel more comfortable. If a student feels as though they can discuss a problem with their teacher during lunch or break time then that is even better. It is also important to encourage independent study and discussion of material. It is often easier for students to learn new materials if they are able to ask questions and work independently.

It is also important to try and help as many students as possible outside of the classroom. Having social hours in the evening and outside of school is a great way for teachers to spend time with students outside of the classroom. It is important to have open communication lines with parents, but it is even more important to have open communication lines with students. After all, it is the teacher who is responsible for the success or failure of a school environment and there are no two words more powerful or effective than that of “please do not do that.” It is never easy to find these kinds of reactions from students, but if a teacher wants to create a safe and supportive learning environment then they need to take a proactive stance when talking to students.

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In some schools it is even permissible to have extracurricular activities. The fact that schools are often looked at as being negative places is not completely fair. Schools are probably the last place most people look for when considering a place to live or raise a family, but that is not meant to be an excuse to mistreat students. Many people are shocked to learn that teachers are not always the most appreciated professionals in the school environment and that teachers need to be respected as individuals who can bring great value to a school environment.

Creating a positive school environment is not easy, but it is possible. It just takes a willingness to be completely honest with parents, administrators and students about how a school can become a positive and productive learning environment. When teachers are willing to put their students first and think critically about how their actions impact the school and its students, then they can truly make a difference. This survival tips for teachers working in a negative school environment include creating clear goals, providing open communication lines and providing a safe learning environment for all students.

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