The very first survival tip for first time flyers is to not worry. Sure, fear is a good feeling when it’s about to become your turn to face an unexpected disaster. It can be scary. But just calm down and think of how you’re going to survive the experience. This may sound cliche but in the case of an emergency, being able to think clearly really will help you out.

When you are preparing for the flight, the very first thing you need to do is to get rid of any bottled water or canned goods you have in the car. It is recommended that you use only water or can if you really need to survive the trip. The reason why this is considered one of the first survival tips for first time flyers is because it is going to be your first experience in getting on and off an airplane. If you don’t have any water, food or other survival essentials, then at least bring as much stuff with you as possible. At the very least, this should cover all your basic needs, which include toiletries, flashlight, extra clothes, sleeping bag, bandages, bandage, plastic bags, cough drops, etc.

A lot of people who go first time flyers tend to forget their ID cards and other necessary documents. When getting on an airplane you need those documents in front of you, so make sure you bring them with you. You also need to bring a change of clothes because you are going to encounter a lot of people, and as long as you have enough change for each person, then it won’t be a problem.

One of the best survival tips for first time flyers is to eat regularly. Most people tend to skip meals during the trip because they have nothing to eat. Don’t be like them. On most airlines meals are served at the same time every day. That means you won’t run out of something to eat when you get off the plane. Even if you get off the plane early, grab something to eat because you’ll likely find that many seats are already occupied.

Carry items such as matches, sparklers, lip balm, needle, sewing kit, first aid kits, sunscreen, camera, pocket blanket, water, a portable stove or camp stove, pocketknife, tool belt, a Swiss knife, a folding shovel, tweezers, safety pins, duct tape, a can opener, a compass, a map and a cell phone. Some of these items may seem redundant, but remember that you never know when you might need them. And don’t forget to bring a camera because the world could be around you in just a few seconds.

Another one of the most important survival tips for first time flyers is to stay away from dark places. The cabins and stalls in airports are usually the worst place to be during the day. At night time the facility becomes a shelter for animals and people. If you want to take shelter inside a structure such as a hotel or a cabin, leave your shoes on the floor. This will ensure you will not be noticed by animals and people while you are away from your vehicle.

A fire extinguisher is something that first time flyers need to have. While there are some who do not think they need one, it is a good idea to carry one. It’s better to have it with you than to run out in the middle of the night with no extinguisher. Moreover, having an extinguisher will ensure that it will work in the event of a power outage. Even if you don’t want to use it, taking one with you is better than not having it. Even if you only need to light a small fire, it is advisable to have an extinguisher.

When on a camping trip, it is best to bring along food and water. If you don’t want to buy first time flyers, you can improvise and bring food in your pockets. However, it is important not to take too much food or water as this could make you dehydrated. In fact, dehydration is one of the prime reasons why campers fail on their trips.

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