36 Handy, Lifesaving, and Fun Uses for a Pocketknife

A pocketknife is an essential tool in any survival kit, and it has many uses that you probably didn’t even think of. This article will give a whole new appreciation for your knife!

The “pocket knife patterns” is a useful tool that can be used for many different purposes. It has 36 handy, lifesaving, and fun uses.


We advocated for every male to carry a pocketknife back in 2008. If you haven’t included a pocketknife to your EDC yet, or if you aren’t persuaded of its value, we’ve compiled a list of the various ways a pocketknife may be useful on a daily basis. Here are 36 applications for this ancient instrument, ranging from making jobs simpler to resolving small annoyances to even saving a life.

Note that some of the above usage are not recommended for knives and may dull or damage them. When at all feasible, utilize the proper tool for the task. A pocketknife, on the other hand, may come in in when you don’t have the correct equipment and need to improvise quickly.

1. Unpack the packages. With easy, go to the umpteenth thousandth product you purchased from Amazon.

2. Disassemble packaging. It’s time to cut through all the tape on that umpteenth thousandth Amazon package and fold it up if you can’t fit it in your recycle container.

3. Cut the fruit into slices. Then, directly off the blade, consume the sliced-off portion. As if you’re a badass who eats produce.

4. Prepare the kindling. To make shavings for a bird’s nest tinder bundle, cut wood into more flammable bits.

5. Remove the seatbelt. Free yourself or a loved one stuck inside a vehicle that is sinking into a lake or engulfed in flames due to a jammed seatbelt.

6. Remove the fishing line. Because tangles do occur.

7. Make your own fishing bait. For the price of one, you get two weems.

8. Get rid of any splinters. Using alcohol to sterilize the blade, begin digging.

9. Take out the staples. When that claw-like object vanishes.

ten. whittle To pass the time, carve yourself a cute little duck head. 

11. Remove and cut electrical wire. Official wire strippers/cutters are available, however a knife can do in a pinch.

12. Crack up a bottle of wine. When compared to a corkscrew, this technique requires a little more care; watch a video instruction to learn how to do it.

13. To provide first aid, cut open garments. You must first cut off the sufferer’s garments surrounding the area where you’ll be delivering help, whether you’re treating an impalement injury or a gunshot wound, or putting AEDs to the chest of a heart attack victim.

14. Arrange the toppings on the plate. Peanut butter is a delicious spread. Jelly. On a bagel, a dollop of cream cheese.

15. Remove the clamshell wrapper and open it. When you open it like a reckless barbarian, hacking and slashing with abandon, all packing becomes frustration-free packaging. 

16. Clean and fillet a fish. For preparing your catch-of-the-day for frying over an open fire.

17. Remove the clothes tags. You’re driving to work and see that one of your buttons is still protruding from your collar. 

18. Use a pencil sharpener. When you want to feel like a true ar-teest, this is the shirt to wear.

19. Cut zip ties using a knife. These may be found in packaging or wrapped around wires. 

20. Ensure that the automobile battery connections are clean. Before you restart a battery, clean it out.

21. Take out a letter. It’s uncommon to get genuine letters these days, but if you do, splitting the envelope open cleanly will prevent you from shredding through the return address and contents. 

22. Get a can open. When you stumble into a stash of delectable peaches during the apocalypse and don’t have an opener (a la the father and son in The Road).


Cut the rope at number 23. Rope comes in helpful for a number of tasks, and it’s occasionally necessary to cut it down to size.

24. Remove the batteries. When they need to be replaced yet are adamant about it.

25. Untangle a tangled knot. Inserting an object into a knot may undo a tight one; a duller item is better (you don’t want to cut the rope in the process), but a knife can do.

26. Trim any stray threads. Those stray threads that unexpectedly appear from your clothing. 

27. Perform a tracheotomy in an emergency. An emergency tracheotomy may be required if the Heimlich technique fails, and physicians have successfully conducted procedures using a pocket knife in venues like restaurants and airlines (back when carrying a knife on board was kosher). Of course, the “being a doctor” aspect of these tales is a significant factor. 

28. Pop the cork on a bottle. To pry the knife up, use the spine of the blade or the top scale of the handle. 

29. Make a new belt hole. Here’s how to use this strategy once you’ve acquired (or dropped) some weight (along with some alternative ways to make a hole in a belt too).

30. Defend yourself from a wild beast. With his pocketknife, he fended off a mountain lion assault, and with a 2-inch blade, he fended off a bear attack. 

Play mumbley peg on number 31. It was once a popular activity for 19th century schoolboys, Wild West cowboys, and World War II troops, and it is still a viable form of outdoor amusement today. 

32. Puncture the plastic package cushions and deflate them. You know, the giant bubble things that come in all of those aforementioned Amazon boxes.

33. Remove the tiny screws. It’s not the most efficient way, but it gets the job done in a pinch.

Trim your calluses at number 34. Peel them like you would a potato.

35. Take a coconut and crack it open. You can open a coconut in a number of ways, even with only a little pocket knife.

36. Defend oneself against an assailant. You don’t want to bring a knife, particularly a pocketknife, to a gunfight, but if it’s all you have, it’s all you have.

Check out our comprehensive reference to pocketknives for additional information on their components, various varieties, and more.



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