In case you have not read them by now, here are 35 Tips to Survive an Earthquake. It is said that the one time when disaster strikes, it tends to affect people more than any other time in their lives. So it makes sense to take some action even if you do not have a lot of time or money. Some people do not care about preparation, they just expect natural disasters to happen.

There are many areas in California that have been hit hard by this recent earthquake. There were major damages in San Francisco and Los Angeles. The trembles have also been felt in Salt Lake City. The Federal Government has sent out a Red Alert for people in those areas. It is important to get to know the things that you can do if the worst happens.

The first thing is to keep your house dry. Water normally moves very fast through the soil, so it would be wise to have your house located in a location where there is a lot of ground water. People should not put their house near creeks and rivers. Also, if you can, you should make sure there is no underground water source close by.

This means that you will have to excavate your land a bit and install dike to keep water away from your home. In case of flooding, you should immediately have the main door of the house lowered. The main floor should then be flooded with water to prevent the basement from being damaged. If the basement is not damaged, you should have a sump pump installed.

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Another important action to take is protecting personal belongings. Many people break their stuff into small pieces in their homes during earthquakes. These could very easily end up trapped under the debris. You should make sure you have a way to secure these personal items in an accessible place. A good idea would be a cot or bed. It would be best if you could bury these items deep enough to avoid any kind of damage.

It is imperative that you have food ready for the people who will stay behind. There might be food items left behind by your family that you could feed them. But it is also a good idea to stock up on food items for people who are out of reach of the disaster area. You should have enough food stocks and provisions for at least a month.

Your family members should be evacuated to a safer location. This should only happen if you have exhausted all other possible options. Remember that even when you are expecting an evacuation, never forget to tell people the exact time of the evacuation. Do not lie to them about when they should evacuate. That will just make things worse for everyone.

Be calm and do not panic if the main power supplies of a city are out of reach. When the storm starts to subside, most people are more prone to panic and take their own lives rather than simply wait for rescuers. If you are experiencing any of these natural disasters, try using these tips to survive. Do not leave everything to fate.

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It is also essential to carry out emergency repairs immediately. As soon as you know there is an earthquake happening, get a hold of the nearest phone and call emergency services in your area. Get a hold of family members too and let them know what is happening. Let them know what type of assistance they can provide to you.

Make sure that you know the routes of all exits and routes to the road. Check if any of the roads are passable. Make sure that there are no fallen bridges or any loose stones. The best thing to do after an earthquake is not to panic but to seek immediate help. Some survival experts advise taking photos of any structures that were damaged during the disaster. These photos can be valuable to identify and document the extent of damage.

Most importantly, observe safety and follow these simple survival tips carefully. This will ensure that you are safe from any injury and you are able to find ways and means to find a shelter and rescue. You may also lose some precious belongings but carrying important documents and a camera can ensure their safe return.

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