From the experienced rangers, here are some 33 Summer Camping Tips from Expert Campers. It is good to gather information from experienced campers. This way, you will not experience being in a foreign land without any prior experience. The campground you choose should be clean and safe. The facilities should be easy to use.

When picking out a campsite, take note of the terrain, vegetation, wildlife and other features in the area. In picking a tent, it is better to have a dome tent since they are more stable and provide a good protection from the sun. The type of tent and camping ground rules vary according to the campground, so it is best to check these rules first.

Before setting out on your vacation, check out the facilities in the campground. If there are disabled restrooms, handicap accessible bathrooms or drinking fountain, that should be taken into consideration. The ranger may also be able to help you decide which spot would be best for your summer vacation. There are many places that have a variety of recreational activities like fishing, boating, hiking and swimming. Make sure you have enough room to play and walk around. You should also consider the nearby attractions and hot spots.

Most campsites are within short walking distance to the beach. If you want to stay close to the beach, you can ask if there is access to a sandy beach. The ranger might be able to recommend a nearby summer campsite that has a beach. Check for any ranger signs to determine if it is safe to swim in the ocean. Some of the beaches near the campsite have wet vest stations. These are available for purchase from the campground and have individual replacement flotation devices.

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Be wary of all children at the campground. When summer camping, young children may be permitted to play in the ocean, but not to swim. Some campers will leave their toys and belongings on the beach so the ranger will know if anyone is using them. The same goes for stoves and refrigerators. Check these things before you leave to make sure they are still full. A ranger will not hesitate to remove all unattended items if needed.

Once you have made it to your desired location, you should start packing. The first few nights could be rather uncomfortable due to a cool breeze. It helps if you pack a light tent during early mornings and evenings, but another good idea is to bring two back-up tents that you can sleep in during the cooler weather. Make sure you pack plenty of drinking water and food for yourself and your family.

There are several things that you should do before you leave for summer camping. First, check with the state park to see where the campground is located. If there are no rangers around, you may want to consider calling the local emergency. Next, gather all of your camping gear and don’t forget to bring your tent!

You may also want to bring along your water filter kit so that you can purify your water prior to drinking. Most likely, a state park campground does not allow drinking within the campsite or within twenty feet of the nearest bathroom. Also, some water filters come with built in water filter systems so all you need to do is fill up your water bottle or filter, attach the water filter to the water pipe, and bring your filtered water to the campsite. Hopefully this information will help you enjoy your next summer camping trip as much as possible!

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