If you want to save a few seconds this holiday season, read on for my top three 32 Sure-fire Survival Tips to reduce sensory overload during the holidays. While I was growing up, the Christmas and Valentine’s Day were huge holidays for us. My father used to make a pot of popcorn and we would decorate it with lights and flowers. We would eat ham and eggs over the holidays.

Now I am a parent and I do not have my children with me anymore. I have a son and a daughter, though. This year I am planning to go out into the wild and away from cell phones and electronic means of communication. If I can’t get away in nature, at least I will be able to provide my child with safe entertainment. So here are my top three survival tips for reducing sensory overload during the holidays.

Have Plenty of Food – While I am away, I will prepare the bulk of my food for the holidays. I buy a little bit more food than I normally buy because I always leave a little bit behind. But this year, I am preparing to bring home all of the leftovers from last year. My niece and nephews have already asked for all of my leftovers this year. Prepare as much as you can before you leave.

Have Lots of Games – We love board games at my house during the holidays. We also play pin the pumpkin on the cuckoo clock and hide the treasure. My children have even asked for some of their favorite holiday movies. That is so much fun for them. Just be sure to have plenty of tissues nearby.

Dress Them in Appropriate Clothing – This may sound silly, but it is true. A dressy outfit for children in the middle of the cold December holidays does not send the right message. Instead, a more comfortable outfit with more layers would be more appropriate. A woolen hat is perfect for the children. That way they do not feel cold.

Stock Up on Necessary Supplies – Kids need plenty of food and water. They also need lots of clean clothes, t-shirts, and sweatshirts. It is important to make sure they have enough of each item. Be sure to store the food separately from the clothing.

Teach Children About Safety – Make sure that children know how dangerous fire is. Let them know that fire is not just a scary thing that happened at school. Instead, tell them that it is very important to follow all of the safety guidelines in place. They should know how to put out a fire as soon as it happens.

Play Music for Baby – You might think that playing heavy metal while watching the football is not the best idea, but it actually can be a good idea. A lot of noise can drown out the Christmas songs that you are going to play at your house. The same can be said for baby songs.

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