30+ Thanksgiving Jokes for All Ages

Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful and reflect on the people who have touched our lives. It’s also a great opportunity for jokes at other people’s expense!

Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful for what you have. It’s also a time to make jokes about the day. Here are 30+ Thanksgiving jokes for all ages.


Thanksgiving is a time for friends and family to gather around the hearth and home to bond over heaping dishes of food. If the community talk becomes too heated and threatens to detract from this warm connection, lighten the situation with some Thanksgiving-themed comedy. You’ll discover a plethora of must-tell jokes below that will delight people of all ages and inject some amusement into your meal.

“How do you refer to a turkey that is running?”

It’s fast food!

“Can you tell me why the turkey crossed the road?”

It wanted people to assume it was a chicken since it was Thanksgiving!

“At the dinner table, which animal has the poorest manners?”

The turkey, on the other hand, eats everything!

“Do drummers like the breast or the thigh of the turkey?”

Of course, the drumstick!

“What type of key has legs but can’t even open doors?” says the narrator.

It’s a turkey!

“What was the point of the farmer separating the chicken and the turkey?”

There was a game of fowl!

“How do you refer to a live turkey the day after Thanksgiving?” says the narrator.


“On Thanksgiving Day, what did the turkey say to the turkey hunter?”

Quack, quack, quack, quack, quack, quack, qu

“Knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, Is anybody there? Norma Lee is a well-known actress. Who is Norma Lee? I don’t eat like this, Norma Lee!”


“What do May flowers bring if April rains deliver May flowers?”


“Can you tell me about a pilgrim’s preferred genre of music?”

Plymouth sandstone!

“How come the Thanksgiving band couldn’t play?”

The drumsticks were devoured!

“After Grandma sat on the meal, what was served for Thanksgiving dinner?”


“What’s the greatest thing to put in a pecan pie?” says the narrator.

Your pearly whites!

“Can you tell me what kind of glass a turkey drinks from?”

A goblet!

“Can you tell me what the turkey said to the computer?”

Google, google, google!

“Can you tell me what the major component of Thanksgiving bread is?”


“Who is it that assists small pumpkins in crossing the road safely?”

The gourd that crosses the road!

“What is the circumference to diameter ratio of a pumpkin?”

Pi is a pumpkin!

“Can you tell me what occurred when the turkey and the chicken got into a fight?”

He’d had his stuffing ripped out of him!

“Can you tell me where Christmas falls before Thanksgiving?”

It’s even in the dictionary!

“Can you tell me why the mashed potatoes turned red?”

They had a look at the turkey stuffing!

“At Thanksgiving dinner, what smells the best?”

Your nostrils!

“On Thanksgiving, why did the farmer steamroll his potato field?”

He was in the mood for mashed potatoes!

“Can you tell me what a turkey’s favorite dessert is?”

Gobbler of peaches!

“Can you tell me when you’re going to serve tofu turkey?”


“How do you stuff a turkey the best?”

Give him as much pizza and ice cream as he wants!

“Can you tell me what a pumpkin’s favorite sport is?”


“Can you tell me what a turkey’s preferred weather is?”


“Can you recommend a music to listen to while roasting a turkey?”

‘It’s All About That Baste!’ says the narrator.

“What was the deal with the Thanksgiving turkey being so expensive?”

With 24 carrots, it was roasted.

“How come the cook couldn’t season the turkey?”

There was just no thyme!



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Thanksgiving is a day where we give thanks for the many blessings that we have. This holiday is celebrated in America, Canada, and some other countries. The “2021 thanksgiving jokes” are jokes that can be used by people of all ages.

Frequently Asked Questions

Whats something usually insulting but not on Thanksgiving?

A: In the United States, Thanksgiving is a day of giving thanks.

Why do turkeys only star in R rated movies?

A: The answer to this question is not known.

What do you call a limping Turkey?

A: A turkey that is limping.

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