3 Ways to Escape Zip Ties: An Illustrated Guide

In an emergency situation, police officers may use zip ties to restrain you in a way that allows them to arrest you without risk of serious injury. However, there are ways for non-violent offenders or suspects who have been apprehended by law enforcement officials to escape from their constraints and avoid being charged with crimes.

The “how much force does it take to break a zip tie” is an illustrated guide on how to escape zip ties. The article includes three different ways of escaping the restraints.

These pictures show us how to escape zip tie.

In home invasion and abduction situations, zip ties are increasingly being utilized to bind innocent people. A fast Google search will turn up a number of cases in which criminals restrained their victims using basic zip ties from the local hardware shop.

All of these strategies have been tested and shown to be effective. We even accomplished it using the 175-pound heavy-duty type. It’s really rather simple to break free from zip ties with a little practice, and you should be well-prepared should you ever find yourself in the regrettable circumstance of being unlawfully detained with zip ties by a house invasion or other criminal.

Getting away with it

1. With your fists clinched and palms facing down, present your hands to your captor. This expands your wrists and gives you more space to slide out.

2. After you’ve tightened the knot, unclench it, flip your wrists inside, and work your way out. Although it may be difficult, the trick is to get your thumb out first. This approach may be utilized from a number of hand postures, and it is recommended that you try it first.

Zip ties are being broken

1. Use your teeth to tighten zip ties as much as possible, making ensuring the locking mechanism is between your hands. The simpler it is to break a zip tie that is too tight.

2. Raise your hands over your head and rapidly lower them into your tummy. As though you were attempting to connect your shoulder blades together, your elbows should stretch out like chicken wings. The bonds should break at their weakest point, the locking mechanism, as a result.

Taking a step back

1. Use some form of shim to defeat the zip tie’s mechanism. If you examine a zip tie attentively, you’ll see that it features a little locking bar that accomplishes all the job. That bar can be simply removed if it is pulled from the zip tie’s tracks.

2. You can raise the locking bar with anything from a fingernail to a pin to a credit card. Once upon a time, there was a credit card. Simply remove the knot out of the locking mechanism after the bar has been raised. This strategy is simpler when many individuals are kept prisoner to aid each other, but it may also be done alone.

With their permission, we based this illustrated instruction on ITS Tactical’s excellent series of movies on how to break free from zip ties.

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Ted Slampyak created the artwork.



The “how to zip tie someone” is a guide that provides 3 different ways to escape a zip tie.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a way to get out of zip ties?

A: There is no known way to get out of zip ties, however if you take a hot water bottle and place it on the area where your hands are zip tied there will be enough heat generated which should melt the plastic.

What is the easiest way to take off zip ties?

A: You can use a knife or scissors to cut the zip ties, but it is often easier and faster to untie them with your hands.

How do you escape a zip tie behind your back?

A: The easiest way to escape a zip tie behind your back is by using scissors or a knife.

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