The National Military Service and Veterans Association have put together three things you need to know to survive an EMP attack. These are not the usual things a government guide would have you do. The guide lists four reasons that the US would be vulnerable to such an attack and then gives you three steps you can take to minimize your vulnerability. We will explore the reasons as well as the steps. After reading this article, if you are worried about a catastrophic strike against US soil, you will be prepared.

“There is an increasing likelihood of a very large explosion in American soil in the next ten years. When the device is triggered, the energy release from the blast will cause major damage to communications and power grids. Additionally, this device is similar to a rogue atomic bomb.” Major Ted Schettler, VMD, former Chairman of the US Senate Armed Services Committee, was one of the speakers at the patriotic headquarters blog. He said that nuclear power plants are more vulnerable to the magnetic pulse from a nuclear explosion.

“If it goes off – there will be a huge explosion, and everyone will die.” John Locke, the show-man, said in an episode of his television show. The pulse from an electromagnetic pulse is much stronger than a nuclear explosion and is therefore capable of killing people. It is not clear when or how this will happen. Mr. Schettler thinks there is a 25% chance that it will occur during a terrorist attack on the West Coast. He further said that a rogue nuclear device could trigger the pulse and cause a devastating attack on American soil.

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In a future article I will go into more detail about what a nuclear device looks like, how the power plant is built, and what is buried beneath the ground in the area. What I am going to discuss now is a topic that has captured the attention of many citizens; EMP or electromagnetic pulse. Why do I include this subject in a patriotic leadership web site? What do you think? Do you think it should be included?

An EMP is when a power plant receives a severe electromagnetic pulse and is damaged. This type of pulse is similar to a nuclear explosion in that it sends out radiation. If the radiation is absorbed, it can cause serious injury to humans or damage to delicate electronic equipment within a few feet. How does this affect you? Do you need to take some sort of protective action?

A patriotic leadership web site would likely advise you to get away from harm and to leave the area, but they also would not recommend evacuating your home or office immediately. Why? If there is an evacuation, there is a risk of injury and even death. You certainly don’t want to be caught off guard in this situation, so you need to stay put – at least for the duration of the crisis.

What you should do during an electromagnetic pulse attack is to protect yourself by staying indoors. What you should not do is attempt to contain the problem yourself. If you are inside, make sure that you turn on any electronics that you have left unplugged. The reason for this is that it could take up to a half hour for the problem to become noticeable. In addition, your electronics will run down much faster than your cell phone, so you should also use the cell phone to contact authorities if you must leave the area.

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All of these things you need to know to survive an EMP event – or any other terrorist attack – is available on the Internet. You may be able to find some free information on the Internet, but that is not going to help you in the case of a real life emergency. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you invest in a high quality leadership web site, such as the one that I mention in the resource box below.

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