24 of the Best Survival Tips from Survivals, Les Stroud, is simple and straightforward. No matter how dire the situation, it can be remedied with a few simple survival tips. Les’s words describe very well what needs to be done in case of any disaster: first, stay calm; second, conserve as much food as you can; third, try to get as much medical attention as possible; fourth, hang on until the storm is over; and fifth, take as many rest breaks as you can. Let’s take each of these one at a time and analyze what they mean.

First, staying calm is an important matter. You should always think positive, even when things look grim. Sometimes people tend to lose control when things go wrong or when there are some emergency symptoms. But by staying calm, you will minimize your chances of losing control, which can be very dangerous. Your body will also be able to function better without worry and fear taking over your mind and body.

Second, save as much food as you can. This is one of the best ways to ensure your survival. While you may not have enough food and water to last for long, you can at least bring enough for a week or two at most. This will help you make sure you have some emergency supplies that you can rely on.

Third, conserve as much food as you can. This goes hand in hand with staying calm. By eating healthy, you are keeping yourself satisfied and less likely to suffer from hunger pangs in case you run out of food during emergency situations. In addition, you’re doing your part to fight against starvation. By eating healthy, you’ll have more energy to do the things you need to do.

Fourth, learn about basic first aid skills. These skills can come in handy in an emergency situation. So, it’s best that you learn these skills when you’re young so you’ll be prepared in any emergency situations you may encounter. You don’t want to be caught off guard when someone gets hurt because you weren’t prepared for it.

Fifth, take your time. No matter how fast you think you’re going, do things in a proper order. Doing things in the wrong order can be dangerous. By doing things in the right order, you will be able to reach safety before any other survivors can. By using proper procedures, you can save as many lives as possible.

Finally, remember to be calm, despite the chaotic situation. Calmness will help you get through things better. This will also help you get through things with no more serious injuries.

While Les Brown’s story may have been fictional, he gave readers some very good insights about how to survive and face emergency situations. The book is not just about how to survive, but it’s about how to face life head on. Surviving should be a gradual process and it starts with the preparation. By preparing yourself, you’ll live longer and face whatever emergencies may come your way.

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